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Some of our family was here to visit and their son was walking. I think seeing another baby walking motivated Nathan to let go. About a week after they left ...

Getting My Baby to Enjoy Tummy Time!!

But really - don't sweat it. My Baby hit all her other milestones like crawling and walking right on time. All babies develop at their own pace. Helpful? ...

Walking on Toes

May 28, 2009 ... My son is 8 and from time to time i see him walking on his toes. Usually its when he's barefoot. .... walking baby · toddler walking ...

First Baby Walking Shoes

Read all 7 responses: "Ladies, I am an (Abuelita) Grandmother raising my grandson - John David which I am teaching Spanish, this one will be bi-lingual.

My Baby's Legs Are Bowed

My baby seems to have bow legs too. I think it's just part of how she is ... My oldest 'straightened up' around 11 months when he went from walking to ...

Finding Baby Shoes That Stay On

Read all 6 responses: "My baby is 10 months old. Normally she doesn't wear shoes that much, ... Need Some Ideas for Baby's First Walking Shoe ...

16 Month Old Not Walking

She is my third and I know what it is all about when the baby starts walking, so I wasn't trying to push her. She just started walking one day and hasn't ...

? 7Month Old Baby & Shoes ???

I have heard; don't put shoes on babies when they are learning to walk. I have also heard; put shoes on them while they learn to walk to help "form" their ...

Baby Helmet?????

Babies learning to walk are going to fall. They've been doing this for thousands of years without helmets. You did too. If you've noticed, ...

17 Mo. Old Who Refuses to Walk!

She's been a walking fool ever since. Now, she isn't much of a talker though. Don't know that she's had much need to - we knew the cues for a hungry baby or ...
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  • sandys shoes on anderson in 2 answers "You can get them many places, such as Whole Foods or Sandy's shoes on Anderson."
  • evaluated by a physical therapist in 2 answers "... he isn't walking by 18 months, I would get him evaluated by a physical therapist ..."
  • see kai runs in 2 answers "once your babe starts walking i recommened see kai run's."
  • few bumps and bruises in 3 answers "Yes, she'll get a few bumps and bruises along the way; but that's how babies eventually ..."
  • low muscle tone in 2 answers "Also, he has low muscle tone in his torso which might have played into it as well."