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Any Advice on Taking Amoxicillin While Nursing?

The pharmacist told to to reduce the meds that pass through to baby nurse your baby before taking the meds. I had 7 days of Keflax(sp) no diarrhea. ...

Baby Prefers Right Side!

Baby Prefers Right Side! Hopefully someone can help me with this odd question, My 6 month old son prefers to nurse only from my right side, this started ...

Baby Will Not Take Pacifier

When you have supply problems, they reccommend to have the baby nurse or pump when your breasts are empty to stimulate your body to produce more milk. ...

Is 9-10Pm Too Late for a 3 Month Old Baby to Go to Sleep

Aug 20, 2009 ... To do a Dream Feed you put the baby down by 8, then a few hours later when you are ready to go to sleep you go in and nurse or give the baby ...

Help... My Baby Does Not Want to Nurse Anymore!!

Read all 15 responses: "I find myself feeling a little dumb because I am crying now.... for the past few days my baby has not wanted to breast feed.

High Risk Pregnancy over 35- Northside or Kennestone Hosp? Doctors?

The nurses refused to take my baby in the nursery despite the doctors orders to do so. Finally one nurse took compassion on me and took my baby for the ...

Seeking Words of Wisdom on Transitioning Co-Sleeping Baby to Their Own Bed

Your baby seems to sleep fine, with you. I assume she also naps during the day too? Each baby is different, ..... baby nurse los angele · Queen Anne ...

My Baby Cries When I Try to Breastfeed

My Baby Cries When I Try to Breastfeed. My 3 month old fusses every time I try to nurse. Should I stop? How do I stop? Respond to Question ...

Baby Spitting up More than Usual

Sounds as though you have been blessed with a happy baby girl - enjoy her! from a retired mother/baby nurse and mother ...L. Helpful? ...

What to Feed 9 Month Baby with Diarrea and Occasional Vomits

I am a nurse and will advise on what I know. It is possible that your baby is having diarrhea due to the antibiotic. That is a common side effect of ...
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