a baby is a blessing

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20 Week Ultrasound Indicates That Our Baby Boy Has Hydrocephalus

My thoughts and prayers will be with you and the baby during this time!! It is such a blessing to have a baby, do not lose sight of that because of the ...

Hard Time Dealing with "Surprise Pregnancy"

This baby will be no different. A baby is a blessing. Your 3rd child will teach your older children hundreds of lessons that will prepare them for their ...

How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

A simple remedy (gen zinc violet<sp>) and he was fine! Such a different baby! And (a blessing) now he has a super tolerance for pain! =) ...

Postpartum Anxiety/ Panic Attacks? Postpartum Depression?

I will pray for you and congratulations on your new baby. Babies are blessing and we need to enjoy them and celebrate them as the greatest gifts of earth. ...

Baby Shower or Not

Nov 7, 2009 ... The focus is on the baby. And how it is a blessing to others to help out new parents, especially with their first baby. ...

Throwing a Baby Shower

M. o all i have to say about that is things happen and she didn't know that she would have anymore kids it's a blessing you ask he so give her a baby shower ...

"Older" Mom Looking for Words of Advice...Having a Baby at 40?

Also, she has been a blessing to our family, my mom, her "mimi" is 83 and ... I am 38 and just had my 3rd baby and my second was born when I was 37- both ...

Is 3 to Many?

Each child is a blessing and it is not wrong to want another child. .... Husband and I Trying to Decide Whether to Have a 3Rd Baby.................. 32 ...

Creative Ways to Tell Parents "We're Pregnant"

We gave my MIL a frame that said something like "a baby is a blessing" and stuck a picture of our first ultrasound in it. When she opened her gift, ...

Need Advice on Having Another Child with 12 Year Old

Both of our sons, are a blessing. The age gap of 11 years has made life more ... Yes you will be starting all over again but I think having a baby in the ...
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