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Baby Dedication.

The eldest baby that got dedicated that day was also named Josiah. Helpful? ... no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit… ...

I'm Freakin Out About Having a Baby?

Am I being selfish? Sometimes I wish the stork really brought the baby so my body .... Watch the new movie "The Business of Being Born" to see just how a ...

Can't Afford a Baby?

One of my friends desperately wants to have a baby but feels that she ... She should watch movie "The Business Of Being Born" and do some research on line. ...

?'S About More than One Baby Shower

This baby is being born in a different season than my other kids (I have a dec boy, 2 spring girls and now a fall girl) Things are very tight as I'm a sahm. ...

What to Feed a Baby with Oat and Egg Allergies

My son developed really bad ezcema after a couple of weeks of being born. .... You might want to try Arbonne, ABC baby care line, I have seen it help many ...

New Baby Number (2)

but when I did tell him, I had books (you'rea big brother, what baby needs, etc) & I read them a lot. I also told him the 'story' of him being born and how ...

My Best Friends Baby past Away

I mean myself I have two kids and one is baby so I don't what to start being .... The hardest part of having a child pass away so young or being born still ...

Advice for Breech Baby at 35 Weeks

Read all 25 responses: "I am pregnant with my second baby and the baby is ... ( like had music playing and set up a miror so I could see her being born. ...

A Spoiled Baby Girl!

There is something that I read when my little guy was born that said that ..... Sounds like you need to get a good baby carrier. She will love being with ...

Born with a Tooth

A baby born with tooth is uncommon. Since it is so rare parents often worry a great deal about the tooth. A tooth that exists when a ... tooth · Being Born ...
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