a baby at 8 weeks

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Am I Feeling the Baby?

Your baby is actually at only 8 weeks of development even though you are considered 10 weeks pregnant. The baby is still extremely small. ...

What Do I Bring to Maui for My 8-Month-old Baby?

I've not flown with my baby before, and we're going to Maui in a few weeks. My baby boy will be 8 months old by the time. I have a nice umbrella stroller, ...

Milestones for an 8 Month Old

Read all 22 responses: "My son will be 8 months old this Friday and I am just ... My sister in laws friend has a baby 3 weeks younger than my son and he has ...

Re:when Do You See Baby When First Pregnant

Or 6 weeks. Or 8 weeks. It wasn't until I was 9 weeks pregnant that they could find a baby. There was a sac there, but no baby. I was really scared at first ...

Low Fetal Heart Rate?

I went in at 8 weeks or so, my baby's heart rate was low. They told me that it continues to increase as time goes on and we rechecked at 10 weeks and it was ...

8 Week Old Not Sleeping on Her Own

Letting a two month old baby cry it out is cruel. Someone who's only been on this planet for 8 weeks is not spoiled and is not manipulating - they are in ...

8 Month Girl and No More Baby Food- What to Feed

Hi, my daughter is 8 months today and is done with baby food last week. .... After a frustrating couple of weeks, we settled into her eating, and our ...

6 Weeks Old with Mucus in Throat

Switching my little one at about 8 weeks old to lactose free formula made all .... your baby probably has a sinus infection and needs an antibiotic to help ...

My Baby Has a Cold

8 weeks out after having a baby can still be very tiring for mommy too. N. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Baby Going from Head down to Breech After 36 Weeks

Sep 30, 2009 ... She was an 8 lb 9oz baby when she was born-5 days past her due date. ... He was in position at around 32 weeks then moved to breech and then ...
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  • makes a baby chest rub in 2 answers "A warm bath in a steamy bathroom. Vicks makes a baby chest rub that is gentle and ..."
  • further along than you think in 2 answers "... are indeed feeling the baby then you are probably further along than you think."
  • let her cry herself to sleep in 2 answers "It is perfectly fine to let her cry herself to sleep."
  • put a heating pad in 2 answers "But we eventually put a heating pad in his crib to warm up the mattress."
  • nasal passages in 4 answers "... bouncer with the hot shower running the steam will help clear her nasal passages ..."