a baby at 7 week

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When Does Your Period Return After Having a Baby

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) .... i bled for several weeks after having my baby. you may of started to heal and it stopped ...

Feeling Baby Move..

N.O. answers from Detroit on October 7, 2008. I am 19 weeks along today. Funny because I felt my first baby move alot more by now that with this one. ...

8Wks Pregnant and No Fetal Heart Beat...

I was 7 weeks pregnant and scheduled our 1st US on my husband's birthday. ... I came to the realization that there was 'never' a baby to begin with. ...

My 7 Month Still Sleeps with Me

In addition Dr Sears and Martha Sears authorThe Baby Book andThe ..... parenting a 7 year old · parenting 7 year old · baby 7 weeks · a baby at 7 weeks ...

Showing Early

I remember feeling SO bloated when I got pregnant with2 baby Sort of like when I get my period but it just ... Next question Popping Out at 7 Weeks Pregnant ...

Baby Measuring Smaller than Gestational Age

My first was 7 weeks early and 4.9 lbs - the doctor told me before the c-sect ... From 20 weeks, they kept telling me that my baby was measuring small but ...

Returning to Work After Baby

I have the world's most wonderful baby-sitter and my older child is in there .... My daughter is now almost 3 months, and I returned to work after 7 weeks. ...

Newborn Nasal Congestion

My baby did the same thing. I had a great Ped. that said he had acid reflux! ... My daughter had RSV when she was 7 weeks old and it started out with a ...

Seeking Experience and Answers with Premature Water Break at 26 Weeks

My water broke on Baby A's sac at 26 weeks. I was on complete hospital .... My second, I was on bedrest for 7 weeks in the hospital and my youngest I was on ...

My Baby Girl Is Coming in 3 Weeks

My husband and I decided before our baby girl was born that her name would ..... I'm due in 7 weeks (Oct. 3). Good luck and I hope you find a name that you ...
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  • also a labor and delivery nurse in 2 answers "... thing really sucks but you HAVE TO DO IT! I am also a labor and delivery nurse ..."
  • bled for about 4 weeks in 2 answers "I bled for about 4 weeks after having our son and thanks to breastfeeding I did not ..."
  • wearing maternity clothes in 3 answers "... I get my period, but it just never went away. I was wearing maternity clothes ..."
  • post partum depression in 2 answers "But it also sounds like you may be dealing with a bit of post-partum depression."
  • crib next to your bed in 2 answers "If you are feeling cramped, you could always put her crib next to your bed and put ..."