a baby at 4 weeks

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How Often Should a Baby Eat?

I have heard you are supposed to feed them every 3-4 hours and then others ... Again each baby is different. My daughter began at 6 weeks and one of my sons ...

4 Year Old Acting Out Because of New Baby Sister

Hannah needs to know that you will come to her when she needs you just as you go to baby when baby needs you. When my youngest was home for 3-4 weeks, ...

How Much Should a Premature Baby Sleep?

Is this normal behavior for a baby this age? (who is also a premie?) .... My daughter was born at 34 weeks and was in the NICU for 4 weeks. ...

Baby Shower Etiquette for High Risk Pregnancy

My second was born 4 weeks early and had to be in the NICU for 8 days and it is the worst thing as a mother I ever had to go through. If the baby comes ...

When Does Your Period Return After Having a Baby

I beleived my cycle returned 4 weeks after having my last child. ... cause I remember it was like at baby 4 months when I got bleeding again and nothing ...

Baby Acne

My 7 week year old had a bad case of baby ache which started at about 4 weeks. I was really worried about it as well. It looked awful. ...

Head Ache for 4 Weeks No Reasons Why Any Suggestions?

i am 15 weeks pregnant and ahve had a head ache for 4 weeks. The baby and I are fine but they do not know why I have a head ache. tylenol does not help. any ...

Stinky Baby

Dec 16, 2009 ... Good job pumping for your baby! A couple thoughts came to mind. First, formula makes for smellier gas. *And* it can take 4 weeks or so for ...

When to Start Baby Food?

My daughter, Sydney (4) also had acid reflux and we were giving her cereal in her formula as well and she started baby food at 14 weeks, starting with a few ...

My Newborn Won't Sleep in the Crib

4 weeks old? Definitely nip this in the bud now. When the baby is clearly sleepy , half asleep, put him in the crib. He will probably startle and that's okay ...
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  • sign of high blood pressure in 2 answers "A constant headache could be a sign of high blood pressure and this needs to be treated ..."
  • also had acid reflux in 2 answers "My daughter, Sydney (4) also had acid reflux and we were giving her cereal in her ..."
  • bled for about 4 weeks in 2 answers "I bled for about 4 weeks after having our son and thanks to breastfeeding I did not ..."
  • happiest baby on the block in 2 answers "The book is called The Happiest Baby on the Block."
  • make their own schedule in 2 answers "I was always told that newborns make their own schedule and will eat when they want ..."