a baby at 10 weeks

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Former Awesome Baby Has Become a Terror at 11 Weeks Old - Help

He used to be such a happy baby...now he seems so unhappy and inconsolable. .... And by the way, she was 9 or 10 weeks when this started. ...

6 Weeks Old with Mucus in Throat

At 6 weeks of age, your daughter is very susceptible to complications from some things that might work very well for a baby of say 3, 4 or 6 months of age. ...

10 Week Old with Green Poo. Is That Normal?

Read all 20 responses: "My 10 week old son has been breast and formula fed since he was born. ... Green is pretty normal for a baby thats a few weeks old. ...

12 Week Ultrasound and Fetus Barely Moving!

They told me not to worry to much and then they started doing Non-stress tests on me and the baby and finally would get him to move. I am only 10 weeks ...

What Is the Earliest You've Felt the Baby Move?

But like you, I thought I felt movements from the baby that early, ... but like I said I felt little somethings at 10 weeks.....and it probably was her. ...

6 Weeks Old Baby Getting Sick?????

Read all 10 responses: "my baby is 6 weeks old, and Im worry that he is sick. he starting having this cough that only happens occasionally. sounds like hes ...

10 Week Old Eating Frequently, Falling Asleep While Eating, Not Efficient

It seems like you have already read about nursing a sleeping baby. .... At 10 weeks he's still tiny. Newborns can want to eat every 2 hours. ...

10 Month Old Who Refuses to Sleep or Nap

During the first weeks of life, you can't expect a baby to sleep through the .... i had same problem with my baby 2 mo.ago she was 10 mo old then.i try'd ...

33 Weeks and Baby Won't Stop Kicking

And I am 39 weeks pregnant (with a girl who they say maybe as much as 10 lbs!).. .I feel like this baby is NEVER coming and on top of that I feel like I'm ...

Help Getting 7 Week Old to Sleep

We started using the Baby Whispers methods right around 8 weeks, and had a great night sleeper (10 hours) but the time he was 14 weeks and naps soon ...
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