a baby aspirin a day

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Tylenol for My Dog?

Needless to say, we learned the hard way that buffered asprin is the way to go. ... chewable 81mg aspirin for a couple years once a day seems to help ... we gave our westie baby asprin for arthritis (until it got too bad and we went for ...

Blood Thinners During Pregnancy

He was very conserative and recommended I take an baby aspirin evry other day. My 3 pregancies went fine and I no longer have the antigen. Good luck! ...

Miscarriages After Healthy Pregnancy

It was then that I was diagnosed and started the aspirin. Baby three was heparin and aspirin. I saw Dr. Dorine Day at Lutheran for my last. ...

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

And I had 1 early miscarriage where I spotted one day and the next day I miscarried and had .... They had me on a huge amount of folic acid, baby aspirin , ...

Letting a Baby Cry

I never let my baby cry it out. However, he did sleep through the night at 2-3 months, slept in his crib from day one, and is a fabulous sleeper now at 9 ...

Is It Just Roseola?

Also, I know a lot of people say aspirin instead of tylenol just out of habit ... that thinks it's strange for a pediatrician to recommend Aspirin for a baby? ... also my grandmother always tellme when is a hot day and you got into the ...

Seeking Advice from Moms Who Have Tried Letting Their Baby Cry It Out

She (Tracy Haag) talks all about the whole day, the routine the baby has ... to like tylenol better but I still prefer a natural substance as aspirin is) ...


(stubborn baby...still is!) The second one was a scheduled c-section. ... My doc originally had me on an aspirin a day regimen, I am wondering if you had a ...


Have her ask the doctor about baby aspirin! EDIT: I missed the part that she is .... and monitor (ultra sound and doppler) her and the baby every day and if ...

High Risk Pregnancy over 35- Northside or Kennestone Hosp? Doctors?

... and other issues w/blood cloting too easily had to take baby aspirin, .... I was pleased with my doctor and would recommend them any day. Good Luck! ...
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