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Have You Heard of the "My Baby Can Read" Program?

I did, I picked chair, tree, lamp and ceiling. The baby read each word and then I asked him to show me those things and he did with no hesitation. ...

Need Help with Dry Scalp

Can it be the result of having a baby,almost seven months ago, and breast feeding? ... Use tea tree oil. Drop some on your scalp and rub it in. ...

Baby Shower Ideas?!?

For my friends baby shower a couple years ago i did a couple things for centerpieces for her shower. I went the the dollar tree and they had baby candles so ...

Can Anyone Recommend a Baby Sling Brand?

Read all 21 responses: "I'm due in 7 weeks with baby number 3 and I'm ... You could take a trip to Tree City Diapers in Ann Arbor and they could help you ...

Lyme's Disease in Toddler

Poor baby, he'll be okay though.. I use tea tree oil for lots of things and it's also used for Lyme Disease. The company i shop with has the purest form of ...

How to Keep Toddler from Destroying Christmas Tree Aka Childproofing

You could try a couple of cute pre decorated boxes under the tree that are empty . That way if the baby gets the box it is no big deal. ...

Baby Sympathy Question

Read all 16 responses: "A friend of my husband's just had a baby & the baby ... For one a bunch of us chiped in and got a gift cert. to buy a tree to plant ...

Seeking Black/African American Moms

sorry thought you were talking about the baby you can use tea tree oil grow found at sallys this works for me. www.triplegro.com. Helpful? ...

2 1/2 Year Old W/ Mild Craddle Cap

California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender - my sister gave it to me - I think she got it at whole foods! Make sure to comb her hair with a fine tooth comb while ...

Throwing a Baby "Sprinkle"

4) i see a lot of places selling raffle tickets for baby showers, is that tacky? i .... If you have a Dollar Tree store close by you, you can find cute ...
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