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Coach Appreciation

34 answers. A.B. asks from Killeen, TX on April 02, 2008 ... Then, using Word (I 'm sure other programs might be even easier to work with) I put at least one ...

Formula Bottles on the Go

A.B. answers from Fargo on June 20, 2009 ... (I may have looked desparate enough for them to do it, so don't take my word on this.) ;). Helpful? ...

Inexpensive 1St Birthday Invites?

A.B. answers from Philadelphia on June 04, 2008. Hi there, ... you can design cards on your computer using plain old Word from microsoft. there are ...

Info on Lasik

9 answers. A.B. asks from Carrollton, TX on February 28, 2007 .... As a word of caution on lasik in general, we all focus so much on the actual procedure ...

Looking for Other Moms of Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech

A.B. answers from Charlottesville on December 05, 2008. I have a son who is struggling in .... I still have to ask for the spelling of new names and words. ...

Help! Middle Child Syndrome?

7 answers. A.B. asks from Gonzales, LA on March 16, 2007 .... think the best advice I ever got was to not use the word shy in front of her to describe her. ...

Bed Wetting Problem

9 answers. A.B. asks from Clermont, FL on May 13, 2007 .... I do not mean emotinal in a bad sense of the word. It could be anything nervously in her life. ...

8 Month Old Not Babbling

A.B. answers from Pocatello on April 23, 2009. My daughter didn't babble much either. ... With in two weeks he had three words, and many more sounds. ...

17 Month Old Still Not Speaking

Mine have begun to say a few words now that I say the word and ask them to say it before I give it to .... A.B. answers from Washington DC on March 16, 2008 ...

Upper Marlboro, MD: TRUTH, Please!

Hi A. B: My husband and I went through the same thing you are going through ... Low income housing is a word of the past. Between DC, MD and VA there has ...
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