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M.F. asks from New York

Hi all, I am having a c-section when my twins will be born and I have no idea what to expect. To be honest the thing I am most nervous about is the recovery time...


Exercise After C Section

M.P. asks from Columbus

This was my first baby and i had to have him c section. The doctor instructed me the only exercise i could do is walking for 6 weeks. im at 2 and ready to go crazy. i...


C-section Information

A.R. asks from Springfield

I juat recently found out that I am pregnant with twins. My doctor said there is a 75% chance of C-section. I am scared. I already have 4 daughters, all delivered nat...


C- Section Terror

L.S. asks from Austin

I just found out that my baby is breech, and i'm having a c-section next tuesday. I'm scared b/c don't know what to expect. My mind was on natural birth. I don't k...


Pain After C-section

C.M. asks from Fort Smith

I had a c-section 10 days ago. I've been home a week now. My doctor gave me meds for my pain. I am still experiencing a great deal of pain. The pain meds help with...


How Was Your C-section Recovery?

S.D. asks from Detroit

Hi moms. I had a fourth degree tear with my first-born and it took an hour to fix me and a year to heal completely. This time I am opting for a c-section (and I am se...


C-section Fears

K.W. asks from Corpus Christi

I know its irrational, but as the date draws near I am getting more and more terrified of the C-section I'll be having to bring my son into the world on Aug 8th. I k...


Recovering from a C-section

N.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies: I had a C-Section over 3 months ago and I am still very upset about it. It has left a big emotional scar. I had twin boys and I did a lot of prepar...


Are Vitamin B Supplements a Good Thing to Take?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

I'm wondering if anyone takes Vitamin B supplements, in addition to their other supplements? If so, for what reason? Have you noticed a change in the way you feel? If...


Bleeding After C-section

D.E. asks from Dallas

I had our 2nd child two weeks ago via c-section. I had our first by c-section also, but that was over two years ago and I honestly can not remember how my body react...

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