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HELP! GBS Positive Test and past of Fissure - Would You Have C Section?

I understand its fairly common and that is they give you antibiotics, theres a ... They continued him on antibotics for the next 36 hours as a preventive ...

Constipation from Antibiotics

Read all 10 responses: "My three year old has been on antibiotics for strep throat. He was on one round that didn't cure it so now he just began his second ...

Anyone Else Test Positive for Group B Strep (GBS)??

I tested positive for my first and it just means IV of antibiotics. .... My sister tested positive too, just like the other ladies antibotics during labor ...

Question for People Re: Using Lactic Acid Yeast Tablets

Last spring she got strep throat and was put on antibiotics for the first time. ... While I am not a fan of antibotics, sometimes they are a necessity. ...

I Need a Pediatrician to One Who Will Not Prescribe Antibiotics All the Time

Read all 12 responses: "My current pediatrician is very old school who will prescribe antibiotics for almost everything, many times I would take the ...

My Son Has Reflux of the Bladder? How Common Is It?

She was put on antibiotics to prevent infections and was retested with a VCUG and an IVP (dye test) when she was 18 months old. The reflux had indeed went ...

Diaper Rash

My daughter got alot of diapers rashes from either antibotics or from ... My daughter got a yeast rash after being on antibiotics and my Dr. told me to buy ...

SO MANY Ear Infections! Help!

My daughter is 16 months old and has had 9 ear infections since her birth which means antibiotics were used each time. I HATE that she has been on them that ...

Reaction to Antibiotics

Read all 15 responses: "My 2 y/o son currently has a severe ear infection. I took him to the doctor on Monday and she prescribed him Zithromax.

Alternative to Amoxicillin for Breastfeeding Mom

Antibiotics are perfectly safe to take while breastfeeding, with the exception of ..... Breastfeeding & Taking Antibotics Due to Severe Breast Infection ...
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