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4 Cm Dilated and 70% Effaced - Will I Make It to Term?!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I know there is no way to predict when a woman will go into labor, but I would like to hear your stories. Have any of you ever been 3-4 or so cm dilated and 70% or s...


2Cm Dialated and 50% Effaced (Sp?) How Much Longer Do You Think?

K.V. asks from Phoenix

I know its all a guessing game but just curious how much longer you moms thought it might be before this baby decides to join the world :) At my appt yesterday I was ...


2Cm Dilated... How Much Longer

S.A. asks from St. Louis

OK moms, My doc says I am 2 cm dil and 60% effaced. However, I am only 36 weeks. How much longer? What have been your experiences?


Very Pregnant and Anxious

H.D. asks from Dallas

I went for my 38th week check up today. The Dr said I was 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I have not been having contractions. Any experience on when I might go into labor?


Soflt Stools Before Labor?

K.G. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had loose or soft stools prior to giving birth? IF you did how long did it last? Right now I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. I ...


2Nd Pregnancy--did You Stay Dilated Longer than with Your First?

J.S. asks from St. Louis

Hi mamas! I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby #2. My first came 3 weeks early. I was only dilated 1 cm, 50% effaced 4 days before I had him. I just had my 36 week app...


Stripping the Membranes

S.W. asks from Seattle

Hi there! I am 38 weeks today with my second. My dr. Stripped my membranes I was 1.5cm and 70% effaced. The baby is engaged. My dr said that it was doubtful tha...


Two Part Question: Inducing Labor

C.P. asks from Columbus

I am 39 weeks and 1 Day pregnant. I am 4cm dilated, 90% effaced, and very "thin". I have been like that for a week now. On Tuesday (28 Aug) I will be induced ...


Stripping Membranes Question

A.P. asks from Dallas

So I have a lot of questions about my last pregnancy & if I went into labor on my own or if my doctor stripped my membranes. I'm trying to come up with some theories ...


37 Weeks

J.B. asks from Seattle

I am 37 weeks pregnant. This is my third and I have been having contractions, cramping and sharp shooting pain for awhile now. I found out I am dilated to a 2, 50 p...

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