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Airplane Tips for a 9 Month Old

Read all 8 responses: "I am taking my son to Italy and he'll be 9 months old when we go. I'd appreciate tips for the flights there and back and for the time ...

My 9 Month Old Son Won't Eat Any Food with Texture

Read all 8 responses: "My little boy is 9 months old and won't eat anything but "stage 2" baby food. I've tried stage 3, and he acts like he's choking and ...

Starting Solids with My 9 Month Old

Read all 6 responses: "My son will turn 9 months old next week. He's eating stage 2 food & drinking his bottles. I've tried a few stage 3 foods, ...

What to Feed My 9 Month Old

Read all 14 responses: "My 9 month old has starting eating lumpier foods but I'm running out of ideas to feed him for dinner and for lunch.

Ideas for Foods for a 9 Month Old

Read all 17 responses: "Hello ladies, I was looking for some ideas for foods that I can put together to make meals for my 9 month old daughter.

9 Month Old Still Not Sleeping Through the night...HELP!

Read all 11 responses: "hello, my son just turned 9 months this past week. now i know that not every baby goes by the book, but according to dr. weissbluth ...

9 Month Old with a Cold

Read all 29 responses: "My son Zachary has had a cold for the past few days now. It's your common symptoms-sneezing, runny nose, cough.

9 Month Old with Very Bad Gas Problems!

Read all 11 responses: "Help my 9 month old still has very bad gas problems. She is on reglan and I guess it helps a little. She does not sleep well and ...

9 Month Old Doesn't like Veggies

Read all 5 responses: "My son was sick last week and while he was sick only wanted to eat his rice cereal and some fruits. I thought once he returned to ...

9 Month Old Throwing up During Meals

Read all 11 responses: "My son is 9 months old. He has been a good eater for the most part. We've done all the stage 2 foods, cheerios, rice rusks, ...
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  • ice cube trays in 2 answers "Then, put the mixed food in ice cube trays, cover and freeze."
  • saline nasal spray in 2 answers "her doctor told me that i could used saline nasal spray or little noses."
  • use a cool mist in 2 answers "I would use a cool mist vaporizor and elevate his head by folding a blanket and put ..."
  • elevate his head in 2 answers "I would use a cool mist vaporizor and elevate his head by folding a blanket and put ..."
  • didnt sleep through the night in 2 answers "I had the same issue with my second daughter, she didn't sleep through the night until ..."