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7 Months Pregnant. How Can I Sleep!?!

Read all 37 responses: "I am 7 months pregnant and am having a lot of trouble sleeping. I still go to work in the morning so it is very important i get at ...

7 Month Old Suddenly Not Hungry

Read all 20 responses: "My 7 month old son's appetite has suddenly decreased drastically. He is bottle fed breast milk and is eating fruits, veggies, ...

Food Schedule for 7 Month Baby

Read all 16 responses: "hello!! i was just wondering from some of you more experienced moms out there what a typical feeding schedule should be for a 7 ...

Help for 7-Month Old with Constipation, Hard Stools

Read all 27 responses: "Does anyone know any natural remedies to help my baby with hard stools?"

Seeking Allergist for 7 Month Old

Read all 7 responses: "I am looking for recommendations on a good allergist in the Phillipsburg/Easton (NJ/PA) area. My 7 month old has severe allergies and ...

7 Month Old and Solid Food

Read all 9 responses: "My son is a litle over 7 months old and has been eating cereals/fruits & veggies since around 3 month. He has had a very bad spitting ...

7 Month Old That Won't Stop Crying

Read all 16 responses: "Heloo ladies, I am in dyer need for some help. My 7 month old is a very happy little girl, until you leave her side.

7 Month Old with a "Chill"/"shiver"/"tick"

Read all 7 responses: "My daughter has been having little episodes of a "tick" or "chill". It literally looks like a little shiver. It is very brief, ...

7 Month Old That Spits up All the Time

Read all 17 responses: "i have a 7 month old little boy..and he spits up all the time...he could drink a bottle...and spit for up to 2 hours after his ...

7 Month with Mattery eyes...could It Be Teething?

Read all 27 responses: "Our daughter got her first two teeth at the same time earlier this month. She did not show any signs or symptoms while her teeth ...
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  • ended up being pink eye in 2 answers "My daughter has gotten the same thing and it ended up being pink eye."
  • celestial seasonings in 2 answers "A cup of chamomile tea can also help Celestial Seasonings makes a wonderful tea called '"
  • could be pink eye in 4 answers "I agree with the other mom's it could be pink eye and she should see a dr."
  • stage 2 veggie in 3 answers "... am- 6oz bottle 9:00 am- 1/2 jar Stage 2 fruit 12:00 pm- 1 jar Stage 2 veggie ..."
  • cereal mixed with fruit in 2 answers "Breakfast and lunch are baby cereal mixed with fruit or veggies and dinner is whatever ..."