7 month old not rolling over

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5 1/2 Month Old Still Hasn't Rolled Over

Do not worry about it. While most infants do, EVERY baby is different. My first rolled over early,however my second did not roll over until she was 7 months ...

5 Month Old Waking up Because He Can't Roll Back over onto His Back.

I'm unsure on whether I should let him figure it out on his own or not. ... I am having the same problem with my 7 month old son. He can flip over from his ...

Almost 10 Month Old Not Crawling!! ECI Is to Evaluate

Ok my almost 10 month old is not crawling yet!! She is not even trying! Now she is 5 weeks premature and she was really late at rolling over, ...

7-Month-old Not Gaining Weight

Read all 10 responses: "Hi, Mamas, My dear 7-month-old son has always been a ... I'd say like an angry crab that keeps rolling over grabbing and mouthing ...

9 Month Old Won't Roll Over, Crawl, or Put Any Weight on Feet

My son just turned 7 months and hes 19 lbs. He can roll over, sit up and just started crawling. In my opinion, its not the big baby thing, if anything I ...

6 Month Old Rolls over at Night and Wakes Up

Would you recommend Mamapedia to a friend? (Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... Next question: 5.5 Month Old Rolling over in Crib ...

4 Month Old Rolling over in Crib and Getting Scared.

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) .... Seeking Mom Help with Crying 6 Month Old When Roll over on Tummy! ...

5 1/2 Month Old Turning onto Tummy, Not Able to Fall Back Asleep in Crib

We had this same issue with my now 6 1/2 month old. About 5 or 5 1/2 months, he started to roll over in his crib. He did not like to be on his belly and so ...

Still Swaddling My 6 Month Old Now That She Is Rolling Over?

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... My son wanted to be swaddled until he was 10 months old, rolling and moving around, ...

Help with 7 Month Old Not Sleeping Through the Night Still!

I have also read that trying to over feed them before bed actually works in reverse. .... 5 hours of sleep from a 7-month old is pretty good. ...
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  • old still does not sleep through the night in 2 answers "You are not alone--my 19 mo. old still does not sleep through the night."
  • help him learn to roll in 2 answers "... and caregivers) are working with him during the day to help him learn to roll ..."
  • over onto his back in 2 answers "... middle of the nite so probably not as strong to roll himself over onto his back."
  • roll him back over in 2 answers "I would try and try and try to roll him back over, but he would consistently roll ..."
  • up receiving blankets in 2 answers "... want to avoid it at bedtime/naptime you can try rolling up receiving blankets ..."