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Other Princess Options/ No Disney!

We don't watch TV except for the occasional Mr. Rogers, but she has picked ... Back in the 60's we liked Scooby do, Flintsons, Pepe la'pue and bugs bunny. ...

Just Wondering If Anyone Can Share More Information on Attachment Parenting

... postponing or no vacinations, natural remedies usually vegan, no tv, .... both me and my sister in the 60s and 70s---not an easy time to do so! ...

Ideas for Eye Patches/glasses for Children!!!

She is in her 60's now...but she told me the reason I can't notice is because she has .... I found it easy to start while she was distracted watching TV, ...

Experience with Oppsessive Compulsive Disorder in 5 Year Old Child?

... it was much worse when he was older (60's and 70's), but he was also a germaphobe too. ... Dawn E added this item : NO TV or computor in the morning. ...

4 1/2 Year Old Won't Stop Peeing Her Pants

Sep 1, 2009 ... Sit on the couch and watch tv, go to the park, etc. because it's not safe .... ( I knew a man who in his 60s was advised by his therapist to ...


... of dollars off of them, so they won't advertise them on TV, in magazines, etc. .... Carolyn D added this item : I'm thankful that I survived the 60's, ...

What is the best organic household cleaners?

Don't place on a very warm spot like the top of the TV or it will liquify some. .... LOC has been around since the '60s. Great product. My mom used it, ...

Seeking Advice from Mom's with 14 Yr Old Boys Getting in Trouble in School

P.S. --- a good quote from the '60's: "Question Authority!" .... Then there are to be serious consequences at home, no more TV, Computer or phones, ...

Thinking About Adoption

T.V. answers from Sarasota on August 17, 2008. J., You are an incredible ..... When she gave me up she was unmarried and in the late 60's there weren't many ...

Army "Low" Crawling 8 1/2 Month Old?

Limiting TV time and encouraging lots of book reading is the more .... floors that had sheets of ice on them, inside her house (this was in the mid 60's). ...
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