6 month old solids

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4 Month Old-solid Foods Questions

Read all 18 responses: "I have a 4 month old son who is almost 18 lbs. ... I held off all solids until 6 months to avoid food allergies. ...

What Foods to Feed 6 Month Old?

Hi my 6 month old boy just started solids 2 weeks ago and I started out with rice cereal and fruit. I need to know what food groups (fruit, vegetable, ...

6 Month Old Hates Baby Food!

Neither of my boys wanted baby food at 6 months. ... What to Feed Almost 8 Month Old Baby? ... Introducing Solid Foods to 9-Month Old Son ...

Gassy 7 month-old...because of Solids?

I also have a 7 month old breastfed daughter who we started solids on at 6 months. She recently started waking up again in the middle of the night but I ...

Solid Feeding with an 8 Month Old

I am about to start trying to work to three solid food meals a day and I am wanting ... I have a 7 1/2 month old boy..here is our schedule. 6AM - 4 to 6 oz ...

5 Month Old Not Taking Solids Too Well.

Hi I have a 5 month old darling son, he just doesn't want to eat solids yet. ... We didn't start feeding out son solids until 6 months--he just didn't seem ...

Giving Water to a 6 Month Old Exclusively Breastfed Baby When Starting Solids

Giving Water to a 6 Month Old Exclusively Breastfed Baby When Starting Solids. My sweet boy is 5 months a 3 weeks old. He is exclusively breastfed but we ...

Food, Should Y Five Month Be Feed Formula After Eating Solids and If So How Much

I'm just starting my 6-month old on solids and am figuring all this out too. But so far in my experience, I think it is better to give her the formula first ...

My 6 1/2 Month Old Won't Eat Solids

Read all 31 responses: "Does anyone have suggestions for getting a baby to eat solid food? I breastfeed her and try to give her food in between that time.
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