6 month old is congested

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Advice About 6 Month Old Daughter Sick with Rsv

Advice About 6 Month Old Daughter Sick with Rsv. my daughter has been congested and nasily since last tuesday. We took her to the doctor monday and he said ...

7 Month Old Waking up During Night

Also during this past week plus he occasionally wakes up very congested, we have had our ..... Next question: 6 Month Old Not Sleeping Thru the Night ...

Newborn Nasal Congestion

My son got sick with conjestion and cough at 6 weeks and it lasted until about 8 weeks. ... Even when she was not congested I would still do it at least once a day. ... Next question: How to Care for a 9 Month Old with First Cold? ...

6 Month Old Coughing for 5 Months Now

6 Month Old Coughing for 5 Months Now .... My baby boy was coughing and also congested at the age of two months old. Every time i went to see the doctor ...

Baby Colds

N. I have a 6 month old and she too had a cold but the doctors say to give ... If his throat is really congested you may want to be careful with formula if ...

5 Month Old with Congestion

My friend's 6 month old daughter had the same symptoms and came back positive .... My daughter had a clear congested/runny nose for a good 2 months when she ...

Is Coughing for 5 Weeks Really Normal?

Oct 13, 2009 ... My 6 year old was coughing and congested for months on and off. ... *5 Month Old with VERY Long Lasting Cough* ...

Constant Cough?

My 6 month old son has had the same thing for at least a month now. He's also been congested for about two months. Like the other women said I believe that ...

Three Month Old with Cold

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) ... My three month old daughter has a "fever" of 100.0, is congested, and seems more tired than ...

6 Month Old with Severe Food Allergies and Bad Refluxing

Read all 15 responses: "My 6 month old was diagnosed at 3 months old as ... much worse. up until this point she was constantly congested with a cough and a ...
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  • use saline drops in 2 answers "... it is not a virus, it is bacterial and needs an antibiotic. Use saline drops ..."
  • too shall pass in 2 answers "Good luck, and remember, this too shall pass!"
  • wont prescribe anything in 2 answers "... serious (which I'm sure it's not), they most likely won't prescribe anything."
  • cool mist in 4 answers "Use a cool-mist humidifier, or a vaporizer."
  • vapor bath in 3 answers "I also give him baths in vapor bath by Johnson & Johnson."