4th of july tradition

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What Are You Doing with Your Family for the 4Th of July?

T.C. asks from Dallas

Hi moms, This will be my son's first 4th of July (well the first one he can sort of enjoy). I know there are probably tons of stuff happening over the metroplex t...


No Alcohol at July 4Th Party

S.Q. asks from Chicago

We host an annual 4th of July party for about 50-60 people including friends, family and neighbors. In the past, drinks flowed from about noon until the wee hours of ...


4Th of July

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, Me and my hubby have different opinions about fireworks. My older son is 3 and 4moths old. He LOVES watching the fireworks, so my hubby thinks is a good idea to b...


New US Citizen & Celebrating Her First 4Th of July

W.W. asks from Washington DC

My girlfriend is from Mexico. She came here just over 10 years ago on a work visa. She applied for US citizenship when she was allowed to and we helped her study for ...


Is It Super Lame That We're Not Doing Anything for the 4Th?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My husband hates crowds and waiting for things. Thus, we don't ever do things like parades or whatnot and we've never done anything for the 4th. Our son is now 4 th...


JFF How Do You Celebrate 4Th of July?

M.B. asks from Sacramento

What do you do? How do you celebrate? Not sure what we will do. Sometimes we have a bbq, go to a party or watch fireworks.


Birthday Party in May or June...Actual Birthday in July

H.B. asks from Dallas

My daughter LOVES the zoo and would go there everday if allowed. For the last couple years she has been asking me to have her birthday party at the zoo. I have alwa...


Family Holiday Traditions

A.C. asks from Muncie

My kids are young (1,3 & 5) so we are just kind of starting with all of this...July 4th has me thinking because we were trying to figure out what to do tomorrow!!! (...


Help! My Children Have the Same Birthday!

A.C. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old and baby were born on the same day...I know, I know. I want my kids to see it as positive and special through the years. The question is, what are some ...


Cultural Traditions

N.M. asks from Los Angeles

I was raised around a Japanese culture. Even though I'm Caucasian, my Japanese husband teases me for being more Japanese than he. ;) This past week we had our ...

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