42 weeks and no signs of labor

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Getting Induced

I know every labor is different for every woman, but I was induced with my first baby in Dec. .... I was induced at 42 weeks and had no pain meds (its managable but hire a ... My baby showed absolutely no signs of being over 40 weeks. ...

Stripping of Membranes

Aug 1, 2009 ... I am 38 weeks 3 days and last week I was 2cm and 50%. ... born the next day labor starting the following morningabout 16 hours afterwards No ...

Alot Going on at 33 Weeks: Lost Mucus plug...decreeased Fetal Movement. Scared.

No blood. I had cramps and diarrea all night and next morning. ..... But your symptoms - loss of plug, contractions, diarrea, and decreased fetal movement are all signs of labor. ... After loosing your mucus plug it can be weeks before labor...or days though. .... 26Th Week Miscarriage/stillbirth?? 42 ...

Help Me Deliver This Baby Boy!

Both my boys waited 42 weeks. However, keep in mind that your baby know's .... I went into labor within 10 hours. Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This ...

Vaginal Birth After C-section

My water breaks but with no signs of labor. So we go to the hospital, ... with some birth defects that we didn't know about until he was born at 42 weeks. ...

What Should I Do?

my blood pressure was high but only once i went into labor with my son .... out of control with pain no drugs and I only labored for 42 minuteswow I think ...

Inducing Labor

I was in labor 9 hours and pushed for 2 and a half. No big problems .... Most doctors will not induce if your body is not showing the signs of labor. ...

Breech Baby at 38 Weeks

If you really don't want a c-section, tell your doctor no until there is not ... stay head down for the next 4 weeks and I delivered vaginally at 42 weeks. ..... Yes, your baby can change positions but at the first sign of labor go to ...

Baby Measuring Smaller than Gestational Age

If there are no other reasons for the baby to come out then I would not ..... Although most docs don't like it; normal gestation is 38 to 42 weeks. ... Inductions of labor are often long, painful and more risky for both mom and baby . ...

Do Big Babies Come Early?

I simply deliver all my children at 42 weeks. I had a homebirth, .... tall women with boyish figures usually fair well during labor, but there is no way to ...
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