42 weeks and no signs of labor

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Signs of Pregnancy

Although this is our first baby, to be honest, I had no signs that I could .... Weird, but 42 weeks later, I had a healthy baby boy, who is the light of my ...

Advice About Induction

My problem is that I don't know what to do about inducing labor. .... As long as there are no signs of stress, the best thing to do is let Mother .... My mother was induced when she was 42 weeks pregnant with me and I was the only no ...

Should I Wait for the Induction?

Wait for labor to come naturally! Having an induction increases your risk of ... My doctor had me wait until I was 42 weeks and then decided to induce me. ... No complications. AND my OB was right about my little one being ready. ... my placenta was showing signs of begining to break down (which apparently is what ...

What to Do???

I am due tomorrow, this is my second child, still no labor. .... I also had to be induced with my second, at 42 weeks, so they don't always come on time! ...

The Return of Your Period After Labor

Sep 28, 2009 ... Edited: I was on birth control until a few weeks ago when my husband and ... but I don't have any signs so I'm a little doubtful that I am. ...

The Onset of Labor

I walked around 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced for two weeks, having inconsistent contractions. ... So basically pay attention to any of the signs. .... and I didnt scream as much, even though he was over a pound bigger, and he came out in 42 minutes. .... And I said, "No, I am telling you that my water broke! ...

Stripping the Membranes

Stripping the membranes usually results in going into labor a few days sooner than ... Since the membranes remain intact (unbroken) the risk of infection is no greater than ... before 41 weeks in the absence of indicative risk factors, is a sign of impatience ... 42 weeks is the point where people start to worry. ...

Pros and Cons of Being Induced.

In my situation I never went into labor and they tried to induce me at 42 weeks with no success - I still did not go into labor - I didn't dialate and the ...

Membrane Stripping

Jul 2, 2009 ... I'm currently 38 weeks. I looked it up online and feel I..." ... at 41 weeks - it didn't work at all and I ended up being induced at 42 weeks. ... I kept telling him no, so he stripped my membranes without my knowledge. ... After they stripped them I was in labor almost immediately after leaving the ...

Any Luck with Natural Induction Methods?

Believe me I tried it all and was finally induced at 42 weeks! .... No kidding, I went into labor 4 hours later having contrations every 8 minutes. ...
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