3rd pregnancy difference

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Has Anyone Had Their Levels Drop in Early Pregnancy and Had a Healthy Baby?

If they are low there are ways to raise it I lost my first and third pregnancies I now have three children for I was able to carry my babies with ...

Pregnancy Weight Gain

... to my prepregnancy weight (I'm not sure if that makes a difference). ... I think you may have a more comfortable pregnancy if you lose the weight first. ... I gained the least amount of weight with my 3rd pregnancy...only 13 lbs. ...

Could I Be Showing Too Early?

Read all 20 responses: "I just found out that I am pregnant with my 3rd child. ... Is it normal to start showing this early with your 3rd pregnancy? ...

3Rd baby...Should I Already Be Showing??

Read all 16 responses: "I just found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child and at 1 1/2 ... My sister-in-law had the same issue with her third pregnancy. ...

Pregnancy and Crying

This is my third pregnancy and I feel like I am falling apart. ... I was 30 with my first and 36 with my second and the difference in my pregnancies were ...

Zofran Use During Pregnancy

i took zofran during my 3rd pregnancy because as the first responder said- i ... made enough of a difference to change my thinking. no complications for me, ...

Fainting in 3Rd Trimester

This is my third pregnancy and I never had anything like this happen until this pregnancy. I realize each pregnacy is different and I am older, ...

Having a Miserable Pregnancy...

Hi I had a pregnancy like that my 3rd one. It was awful and due to that I will .... My third pregnancy was like what you described what i did is took long ...

Popping Out at 7 Weeks Pregnant??

On my third pregnancy, I kept telling myself that I popped so early because of my first ... Are you really thin, I am not so maybe that is the difference ...

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy - Salicylic Acid?

I am 17 weeks and on my third pregnancy and have had horrible skin for all three , ... using Arbonne RE9 skin care system, and it has made a huge difference! ...
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  • benzoyl peroxide in 4 answers "You can use products that have benzoyl peroxide in them during pregnancy."
  • tea tree oil in 2 answers "Its all natural and is supposed to be great and that along with tea tree oil for blemishes ..."
  • salicylic acid in 7 answers "I think you're actually supposed to avoid acne treatments with salicylic acid in them ..."
  • maternity clothes at 8 weeks in 2 answers "I was wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks."
  • your body already knows in 2 answers "It's very common for you to start showing early. Your body already knows what to ..."