36 weeks pregnant with diarrhea

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2 Year Old Runs High Fever Every 4 to 6 Weeks

Sep 29, 2009 ... Her severe diaper rash and diarrhea came back within 24 hours and her ezcema broke out ... She usually has them for a period of 24-36 hours. ...

Slimquick Cleanse Reviews

Aug 30, 2009 ... Mona S voted 36 minutes ago. How Much Do You Tip Your NannyDaycare for the ... best weight loss pills · weight training while pregnant ...

Desperately Seeking Help for My Two Year Olds Problems with Constipation.

Prunes can be a little harsh on their tummies and cause diarrhea. ... It took a couple of weeks to get all the lactose out of her system, but it really helped. ..... I used it while pregnant and my pediatician started my 7 month old on it after nothing diet wise helped. ... 8-Month Old with Constipation · 36 ...

Seeking Alternative Diagnosis for Cradle Cap

36 · Advice on Cradle Cap on a 4 Month Old ... Christmas Eve dinner with 3 elaborate courses when I was 12 weeks pregnant with terrible morning sickness. ...

Toddler with Continual Vomiting

But she was not dehydrated and no diarrhea. She's slept off and on most of the day. ... If the vomiting lasts longer than 36 hours she needs to be seen. ... My 2 year old had this EXACT thing for 18 days a few weeks agon and it was a ...

Heartbroken and Depressed

I am 38 weeks pregnant now and I cannot say that I have ever been in your ..... I am a 36 yr.old stay at home mom of 4 great kids, ages Allison (14) ...

Sore Throat and Tummy Pain for Two Months Now!

Sep 17, 2009 ... again highfever for weeks tummy aches diarrhea irritablility and simlutaneously my younger daugther .... Mona S commented 36 minutes ago ...

My 15 Month Old Wont Stop Puking, Any One Else Going Through This

No runny nose, no fever, no coughing, alittle diarrhea on Monday but not even a ... My son had that a few months ago and it took almost 3 weeks to get over! ... She threw up for 8 days, but would sometimes go 24 to 36 hours without ...

Why my breastfed baby have green poop?

Read all 36 responses: "I have a 3 1/2 week old son who is breastfeeding exclusively. ... If it is an allergy issue then you might have to wait two weeks to see if there is a difference. Good luck! ... Diarrhea in a 2 Week Old ...

Need to Unconstipate My Baby

... letting him have water...wasnt told it was only for the first couple of weeks! ... For very hard bowels, or 36 hrs without a bowel movement ALWAYS keep babylax .... Oh, watch out..if your baby starts having watery stool or diarrhea, ...
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  • drink the prune juice straight in 2 answers "Also, if your daughter won't drink the prune juice straight, mix it with a drink she ..."
  • dark karo syrup in 5 answers "1/2 tsp. of dark Karo syrup, molasses or undiluted prune juice :) Oh yeah, and you ..."
  • aloe vera juice in 2 answers "... have had a lot of luck with adding magnesium citrate or George's Aloe Vera juice."
  • increase his water intake in 2 answers "... helpful in combatting this, but as with adults, if you increase his water intake ..."
  • had cradle cap in 8 answers "I cannot help with the diagnosis, but when my child had cradle cap, my mother in law ..."