35 weeks pregnant and miserable

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Women Who Drink While Pregnant???

C.A. asks from Dallas

During my wild, partying college years, there was a young woman who sometimes frequented the nightclub I did. She was very far along in her pregnancy and I remember ...


Anyone Experience Different Symptoms When Pregnant W/ Different Gender?

J.N. asks from Minneapolis

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and having a very different pregnancy than my first. I was wondering if anyone out there experienced different pregnancy s...


Pregnant with Second and Feeling So Overwhelmed - Am I Alone?

S.S. asks from Philadelphia

So, I'm almost 8 months pregnant with me second child and it's a lot tougher than I thought it would be. My daughter is 22 months at this time and sometimes I wonder ...


Flying While Pregnant

E.P. asks from Denver

My husband and I are planning to take a "babymoon" this spring before our baby is born. I have heard that airlines will not let you fly once you are past a certain p...


Advice Needed on Exercise Coinciding with Trying to Get Pregnant

J.C. asks from Lubbock

Hello Ladies! My husband and I recently purchased a treadmill and it was delivered December 22nd. Since then I have been on it nearly every day, walking and running...


Newly Pregnant, 42 Years Old and Terrified....

L.Y. asks from Philadelphia

I just found out last night that I am pregnant (naturally) at 42 years old......We lost a baby last year at 18 weeks and found out through testing, that the baby had ...


I Never Thought I Wanted Kids Now I'm 13 Weeks Along? Will My Feelings Change?

K.P. asks from Portland

I'm 26 with my first pregnancy and I never thought that I wanted kids. 13 weeks along and I'm still not feeling like I'm excited and have so many doubts. My boyfrien...


Most Annoying Things People Say and Ask When You Are Pregnant

C.W. asks from Washington DC

I know I am in the last trimester and just a tad cranky, and I know people out of human nature ask and say things that are just plain annoying. But after 3 pregnanci...


Pregnant, Lots of Labor-like Nonsense, Feeling exasperated...anyone Else?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I am 35 weeks pregnant and having a TON of contractions. I've been having contractions for weeks at regular intervals (between 2 and 4 minutes apart). I was sent fro...


35 Wks Preggo and Hip Pain While "Sleeping"?

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hi moms! So I am 35wks and the pain in my hips from laying on my side are UNREAL! I will lay on my left side for about 10 min before the pain is just unbearable then ...

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