33 weeks pregnant fetal movement

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Decreased Fetal Movement, Biophysical Profile, NST 33 Weeks

T.R. asks from Syracuse

Hi, just wondering if anyone has had similar experience...Went to hospital other night for decreased fetal movement at 33 weeks, the NST was non reactive with deceler...


Alot Going on at 33 Weeks: Lost Mucus plug...decreeased Fetal Movement. Scared.

B.F. asks from New York

Hi everyone- I want to call my doctor, but don't want to cry wolf. I am 33 weeks pregnant and Thurs night I lost this huge chunk of gel out of me. No blood. I had cr...


33 Weeks Pregnant and Fell on My Front Side

L.B. asks from Odessa

Hello ladies! I was wondering if any of you-all experienced a fall during pregnancy. I'm 33 weeks and took a spill today face forward. My knees hurt pretty good bu...


Painful Fetal Movement...

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

I'm just curious for those that have had more than 2 pregnancies if its common to have fetal movement that hurts. This is my 3r d pregnancy and my first two boys the...


Fetal Movement-vibrations

B.P. asks from San Antonio

Hello ladies, I am heading into my 27 week of pregnancy and as of Friday have been feeling some extremely "rapid movements" from my little boy that last about 5 seco...


Feeling Pregnant with a Negative Test

J.K. asks from Pittsburgh

I know this might sound wierd. I feel pregnant but am getting negative tests. Has anyone had this with their pregnancy? I had light bleeding on 9\6 and I've taken 3 t...


Diabetic and Trying to Get Pregnant

A.V. asks from St. Louis

I have diabetes type 2 and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In order to get pregnant my obgyn is putting me on Clomid to help the eggs develop because of the PCOS...


Wanting Another So Much I Think I'm Going Crazy

S.C. asks from Philadelphia

i am 31 yrs old and have 4 children. but lately i have been really wanting another baby. i have even had so much nausea and heartburn and believe it or not, "fetal mo...


Anyone Have Experience with Low Amniotic Fluid?

L.A. asks from Dallas

My husband and I had a regular OB appt on Wednesday and ended up doing a sono after I casually mentioned decreased fetal movement. Turns out that my amniotic fluid is...


Nearing End of Pregnancy? Midwives Plz Answer?

M.M. asks from Tampa

I don't know what normal labor feels like since my first was induced with pitocin and ended as a 'emergency cesarean'. If I go with my 1st ultrasound (at 9 weeks ...

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