30 year fixed rate

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About HCG Levels

Jul 1, 2009 ... Easily fixed with lac-to-lose (SP) it is an undigestible suger which ... H.H. answers from Oklahoma City on June 30, 2009 ... Get the Wise Woman Herbal Childbearing Year book, by Susun Weed. ... They want them to double in 48 hours, I believe...and mine were going up at about a rate of 1.5 instead. ...

What's Realistic - How Much Should After School Care Cost?

I had a college student working for me for the past year for $14/hour plus gas est. ... Her standard hours were 3:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. 5 days a week. ... I have a set monthly rate.. I pick up a little girl from school every day and just bring her to my ... If they are fixed on $20.00 then I would increase their duties. ...

My 9 Month Old Daughter's Babbling

47 answers. A.H. asks from New York, NY on March 30, 2008 .... she was atleast two and a half, which could then be fixed with speech/language therapy. .... I have twin 4-year old boys. One is Autistic and the other is typical. .... have progressed with "normal" speech development, just not always at the same rate. ...

Booster Seat Safety

We are in the market for a booster seat for my 5 year old daughter. ... I saw the Britax booster just got recalled and consumer reports didn't even rate it. ... The recall issue is a simple fix, and the newer made seats have the problem fixed. .... We still have another 30+ lbs to go before we have to use the belt ...

High Risk Pregnancy

In fact, I'm sure you've heard that our 30's are the new 20's, meaning that ... Even 20 year olds have high risk pregnancies so it's not necessarily an age related thing. .... with the current c-section rate in the US sitting at 31% that's a pretty big risk ..... I had more ultrasounds until the issue fixed itself. ...


... a lazy eye which cannot be addressed til we get the other problem fixed. ... S. answers from Port St. Lucie on July 30, 2008. Get a second opinion. ... I can 't see a 6 year old be responsible to take care of contacts. ..... At any rate, if you feel better with glasses, then I would just say so to the doctor. ...

The Dog Is Stressing Me Out. What Can I Do?

She is 1 year old. She has peed all over the house, including every..." ... wants me to take her out every other morning (she wakes up at 5:30 or 6:00) even though I come ... Best Friend) but at the rate of $1000 we chose PetsMart instead, which was only $60). .... They usually calm down a bit after getting fixed. ...

Teen with No Motivation

We just got a letter stating he will not graduate at this rate. ... 11 answers. K.R. asks from Bellingham, WA on June 30, 2009 .... His father then did his laundry for him and he didn't care if I fixed a meal or not. ..... Otherwise it will be more than 2 or 3 year before you get him out of your house. ...

Boy I'm Hoping This Site Is My Going to Help Me Answer Questions on Stick Vacuum

Sep 3, 2009 ... You can get an online subscription to consumerreportsorg forI think less than $20 and they rate most everything I just looked up stick ...

Don't Know Where to Turn??? Husband Doesn't See That We Have a Financial Problem

Aug 20, 2009 ... And because I watch them from 7:00-5:30) Mon-Fri.. that's 10+ hour days of raising someone ... I've collated papers, my husband has fixed fences. ... What I will be doing this year is opening an in-home childcare center for extra income. ... Consolidate any debt into one bill/low interest rate? ...
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