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3 Month Old with Puffy Eye

Aug 31, 2009 ... After waiting 2 weeks (as the pediatrician suggested) I made an appointment with an ... P.R. answers from San Francisco on August 30, 2009 ...

How Long Should It Take for a 2 Yr Old to Go to Sleep??

We play soft classical music from a CD for 30 min., rub is back and leave his .... etc. are VERY stimulating and the brain processes those images for hours. ...

Recommendations for a Baby Monitor with Sound & Image

I'd like to buy a Baby Monitor that has a good range and has both image and..." ... experience and every year I was given at least a whole weeks salary as a ...

Information on CT Scans for 1-Year-old

She had to be put under because it was a 30 minute procedure and she had to be perfectly .... My 6 month old had a CT Scan of his head about 3 weeks ago. ...

After Miscarriage, How to Keep It Together as the Due Date Approaches.

I was 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant, it was a hard because my 4 year old still asks..." ... a couple photos, ultrasound images, special condolence cards, etc. .... When I was 30 years old and almost 4 months pregnant with my first child, ...

Rash Spreading on Skin over Weeks Time

26 answers. J.B. asks from York, PA on May 30, 2009 .... Google images of flea bites and other bites common for your area and see if you can find something ...

I Am Lost!!!!!

Oct 5, 2009 ... Keep in mind that I unfortunately had to order my invitations twice and both times they came in within a week. The invitations are 30% off ...

Shoe Tying Issue

I taught my older son when he was 5 by teaching him one step per week when .... simply couldnt mirror image the process Try going behind him and guiding his ...

Twins in a Single Amniotic Sac

Read all 14 responses: "I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with twins who are in ... They're mirror images of one another (mole on the right arm, mole on the ...

Husband's 40Th B'day - Need Ideas for Gifts

J.W. answers from Savannah on March 30, 2008 .... That's what we needed the first week with our little one and hadn't thought to get. 11 minutes ago ...
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