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3 Month Old with Cold for over a Month Now

J.B. asks from Hartford

Hello moms. I desperately need your help. My 3 month old has been fighting this cold since Christmas. We all had colds at the time. My husband had it pretty bad a...


3 Month Old Not Sleeping

E.R. asks from Houston

HELP! My 3 month old who used to be such a happy little baby is now constantly unhappy due to lack of sleep. I have no problem putting him to sleep but once asleep ...


Vomitting 3 Month Old

L.D. asks from Columbus

What to do with a vomitting 3 month old? Is there anything to help? Tis the time to be sick, I've been on hold with the pediatrician's office for about 20 minutes n...


3 Month Old

M.M. asks from Stockton

My 3 month old only takes 45 min. naps and wakes up wanting to eat... Is there anyway to get him to take longer naps. I feel like i've tried everything. He has done t...


Playtime for 3 Month Old

J.C. asks from Casper

I am just looking around to see what other parents have tried. I have a 3 month old and I would like for her to have some time to lay on the floor to play. But this...


My 3 Month Old and Sleep

J.B. asks from Houston

Just wanted to check in with other mommies of infants on how much they sleep. My little 3 month old sleeps about 18 hours a day. He is a champ sleeper! When he is ...


3 Month Old?

D.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a 3 month old boy. He is a big boy. He weighs almost 20 pounds. My problem is what can I put him in? He is getting too big and bored sitting in a bouncer. When...


G.I.R.D In My 3 Month Old.,

K.D. asks from New York

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any information that could help me out. The pediatrician said my baby has G.I.R.D (Gastoral Intentional Reflux Disease) She is 3 ...


3 Month Old Son

A.C. asks from Buffalo

my 3 month old son has a hard time passing a bowel movement everyday i talked to his doctor and she said its normal 4 him to sometimes go a day or to with out a bowel...


3 Month Old Isn't Getting Full

K.W. asks from Toledo

My 3 month old wants to eat constantly. Should I give her cereal in her bottle to help fill her up?

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  • recommend waiting till 6 months in 2 answers "... for cereal until at least 4 months and most recommend waiting till 6 months."
  • no cry sleep solution in 2 answers "... second the recommendation on Elizabeth Pantley's book The No Cry Sleep Solution."
  • through a growth spurt in 2 answers "It might happen this way through a growth spurt also, so could be that you can stretch ..."
  • growth spurt in 4 answers "Most babies have a growth spurt at this age, so just keep feeding her till she's full."
  • healthy sleep habits in 2 answers "Good luck... oh and all this info came from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) As ..."