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3 Month Old Won't Nurse

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

I have a three month old that stopped nursing about a week ago. Prior to that he was nursing wonderfully. I have gotten him to nurse a little but we are struggling....


My 3 Month Old Worries Me...

S.F. asks from Lima

I have a 3 month old son and he is WONDERFUL. And I'm not just saying that because I'm bias and he's my son, he like NEVER CRIES - to the point of which it scares me...


3 Month Old Sleeping

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

How long does your 3 month old sleep at night. My son was usually a very good sleeper and he still is. My daughter on the other hand is very tricky! She will be 3 mon...


3 Month Old with Diarrehea

S.M. asks from New York

Hello Moms, I didn't want to update this yet so I am going to write this in now. My own pediatrician advised it is okay for me to give her rice cereal just alittle b...


Worried About My 3 Month Old

A.L. asks from Charleston

Hi mom's, I am a new mom and i'm new to mamapedia. I hope that you can all help me. My 3 month old will barely eat, unless it is watered down baby food, she will n...


My 3 Month Old Has a Cold

L.P. asks from Chicago

My 3 month old has had a cold for a few days now. Is there anything I can do for this?


Travelling with a 3 Month Old

K.G. asks from San Francisco

This weekend my husband's family is having a reunion 3 hours away. He has a lot of family coming in from out of town even from out of the country. We have a 3 mont...


Traveling with 3 Month Old

S.C. asks from Chicago

My husband and I will be traveling for 2 weeks to France and Spain with our 3 month old. I am looking for advice from those of you that have traveled abroad with in...


3 Month Old Schedule?

D.L. asks from Charleston

So, My 3 month old has been sleeping alot lately. Will sleep from 8am-12pm if i let him! I don't want his development to suffer because of sleep but if I wake him up ...



B.M. asks from Portland

My neice has come to visit me and she has a 3 month old and he is on soy formula and pretty constipated and I feel for the soul I will take any response please help! ...

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