3 month old very fussy

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4 Month Old Very Fussy While and After Nursing

K.C. asks from Las Cruces

I need help! My four month old son has started to become very fussy during his feedings. He will latch on for a moment and then pull off and fuss. My milk supply does...


5 Month Old Fussy with Dad

L.C. asks from Raleigh

I have a 5 month old baby boy who gets extremely fussy with his father. His father was in Afghanistan throughout my pregnancy and for a couple of months after our so...


Fussy 6 Wk Old...

C.B. asks from Dallas

My baby girl has been so fussy for the past few days now and it seems like no matter what i do she wont stop bein that way. everything i try she just cries, well she ...


New Mom Needs Help with Fussy 3 Week Old :/

C.H. asks from Seattle

my daughter is 3 weeks old and has been really fussy latley. when im trying to feed her [formula] she starts to eat and then becomes extreamly fussy and arches her ba...


4 Month Old Very Fussy and Difficult to Feed

K.H. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 4 month old son who has been very fussy from the beginning. His ped has said it is probably colic, but now at 4 months, it's still not really letting up. I...


Fussy Baby at Night

A.A. asks from Chicago

My 6 week old daughter becomes fussy at night time between 8 and 10 pm. Nothing can calm her down not even holding. She cries so much that she vomits her feeding an...


Need Advice on "Fussy" Feeding...

C.S. asks from Jacksonville

I have a 3 weeks old son. Lately he has been extremly fussy during feedings. I am breastfeeding him. I know I am producing enough milk. I pumped today and bottle ...


Fussy Times at Night--is It Normal?

T.B. asks from Rochester

My three month old is a pretty good sleeper. He sleeps anywhere from 5-7 hours at night. But lately he has become very fussy around 8:00-9:00 pm. I know he is not ...


Fussy Infant During Diaper Changing

N.T. asks from Miami

I have an 8 month old who just recently started getting very fussy during diaper changes. He used to be no problem at all. Now he squirms, screams, cries, and tries...


Tips for a Fussy Infant??

H.P. asks from Dallas

Good morning! I have a baby boy who will be 1 month old on Friday. He is a very fussy baby!! I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to make it better (for eve...

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