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21 Month Old - Can't Keep Her in Her Toddler Bed Through the Night

13 answers. R.R. asks from Fort Worth TX on October 24 2008 .... would let her b c taking her back to her room only created crying episodes and she was LOUD ...

15 Month Old Eye Movement

In my opinion, you are making the right move in checking these episodes out ... medicine droppers, nose syringe, thermometer strips, etc. 24 minutes ago ...

Albuterol/nebulizer Use for a 5 Month Old

Oct 29, 2009 ... M.K. answers from Cumberland on October 24, 2009 .... She only gets about 2 episodes a year now, usually in the Fall or Spring during the ...

Bug Phobia

S.O. answers from San Diego on May 24, 2009. My 2 YO DD is going through this right ... It took about 8 episodes of this before he trusted the animal and ...

Has Anyone Had a Child That Suddenly Starts Blinking Really Hard?

K.D. answers from Dothan on January 24, 2009. My son was just six when he started having episodes like this. it took months to dx as he did not have ...

Teen Night Eating and Sneaking Food

Note that my family did NOT realize that I was asleep during these episodes. My adult sons characterize ... J.D. answers from Cedar Rapids on June 24, 2008 ...

Mental Illness

I have been using St. Johns Wart to help with the episodes and I truly ... At first he said he did not want to stay but the hospital had a 24 hour rule. ...

1Yr Old Growth Defiency

4) he weighs in at only 24# and is 35 inches tall. .... will stop the fever within 24 hours so now she misses one day of school instead of 5 per episode. ...

Mom Looking for Good TV for My Kids

J.G. answers from Philadelphia on January 24, 2009. You are not crazy. ... We've set a guideline that she can only watch the episodes where the kids are ...

After Overheating, 8 Year Old Suffering with Stomach Pains & Headaches

I wasn't able to attend as I had surgery August 24. However, my husband took ..... Episodes can be brought on by both positive and negative stress factors. ...
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  • trial and error in 3 answers "I know it sometimes takes some trial and error to find the right antidepressant for ..."
  • like lady bugs in 2 answers "See if there are bugs that don't bother her, like lady bugs or butterflies."
  • his stomach pains in 2 answers "Since his CT showed lots of stool his stomach pains could be from constipation- it ..."
  • growth spurt in 3 answers "When that happens, a very big growth spurt happens and they need massive amounts of ..."
  • johns wart in 2 answers "I have been using St. Johns Wart to help with the episodes and I truly believe that ..."