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Im 16 Weeks Pregnant.. Should I Be Feeling the Baby Move at This Point

I felt my first around 19 weeks and I didn't feel my second until around 20 weeks. I wouldn't worry at all about feeling the baby at this point. ...

Question About Medicaid & Ultrasound

I think it's customary to have II level ultrasound around week 20. The dr. should check baby's ... I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and on Medicaid also. ...

20 Wks: Baby Movement

I first realized what the movements were at around 20 weeks (I'm 26 weeks now). I never felt the butterfly ones...or if I did I had no idea they were the ...

Sinus Infection While Pregnant

I am 20 weeks prego and just got over a sinus problem. My doctor has always said that sudafed (original recipe, not sure about the new PE stuff) and ...

Gender Accuracy with Sonogram...

Most of the time it occurs before 20 weeks gestation so if a sonogram says .... Both of mine were accurate- I was at 20 weeks with both and one was a girl ...

Vomiting 20 Month Old

Read all 9 responses: "My son is 20 months old now. For the last 3 months he has had vomiting spells about every three weeks. It lasts no more then 12 hours ...

38 Weeks Pregnant with a Terrible Cold and cough-I Am MISERABLE, Please HELP!

I got really sick with my daughter, I was around 20 weeks though. They tried various things for me as well. Turns out it was acid reflux. ...

Worried 6 Weeks

Eventually, it all went away, even though I started contractions again at 20 weeks. I then started going to Dr. Hayes, and he put me on Progesterone. ...

18 Week Ultrasound Scared Me--20 Week Ultrasound Now Indicates Hydrocephalus

Read all 59 responses: "My husband and I came from our 18 week ultrasound yesterday and the baby was curled up pretty tight (though we managed to confirm it ...

Weeks into Months

Use both, weeks and months. Say I'm 20 weeks, which is about 4 months. If you are interested in having a free doula - which is educational, informational, ...
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