2 month old with gas

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1 1/2 Month Old with Formula Problems

My second daughter spit up fairly often and had gas, so we switched to Enfamil Gentlease. .... how much formula for a 2 month old · star jones surgery ...

2 Month Old with Terrors?

2 Month Old with Terrors? Ok, my new baby girl, she will be 2 months on May 11th ... My guess, based on my experience with 2 children is GAS - it can be ...

Car Trip with a Two Month Old

I think with gas prices and the expense of food and hotels you'd spend the same if not less on airfare. ..... Next question: Road Trip with a 2 Month Old? ...

Can a 5 1/2 Month Old Have Allergies?

Read all 17 responses: "I have a 5 1/2 month old who has symptoms of allergies. ... did you lit the furances,if so have them checked for a gas leak. ...

Eating, Sleeping and Gas for a 5 1/2 Week Old

He also had the problem with gas at night and would only go to sleep with a breast in his moutn (I .... Please Help 4 1/2 Month Old Waking Every Hour ...

Peas and Gas

My son is 6 months old, I wish it was peas that gave him gas. At first we gave him Mylicon drops like 2 times a day, when he was like a month old. ...

2 Month Old Eating Issues

My two month old daughter has been bottle fed from day 1. For the past two months, ... So this is what I've tried: Gas drops, gripe water, tummy soother. ...

My 1 Month Old Baby Won't Sleep at ALL at Night

My baby girl is one month old and for the past 2 weeks hasn't slept AT ALL at night. .... You mentioned that she has gas. Are you giving her any gas drops, ...

Baby Has Lots of Gas Pain

my 2 month old is the same way, gas drops dont work! What I have found that works is called gripe water. You can get it at any drug store, I purchase it at ...

One Month Old with Terrible Gas Pains

Read all 28 responses: "My one month old son has terrible gas pains. ... Then u r going to do it for 2 or 3 mins in the evening before u put him down to ...
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  • used fennel seed tea in 2 answers "I used fennel seed tea with mine."
  • tolerate cows milk in 2 answers "Even at 1 year, he was not able to tolerate cow's milk without severe gas and constipation."
  • health food store in 3 answers "... I would add is getting the powder probiotics for babies at the health food store."
  • quick diaper change in 2 answers "We did stop a couple of times for gas and did a quick diaper change, but otherwise ..."
  • health food store in 2 answers "She recommended pro-biotics (for babies from health food store.) Please call her and ..."