18 year old curfew

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Rules for an 18 Year Old

When my 21 year old turned 18 These rules still applied until he was out of high school ... The only thing that changed in our house was her weekend curfew. ...

Help with 18 Year Old Son's Clothing Choice

If my 18 year old wore inappropriate clothing, I would sit down with him ..... we thought was acceptable in all realms - behavior, curfew, clothing, etc. ...

Cleaning House/Chores for 18 and 21 Year Olds

You transport the 18 year old only to his workplace. Period. We did. ..... probably had when younger such as an 11pm curfew (or you take their keys away), ...

8 Year Old Girl Behavior

Sep 8, 2009 ... Read all 18 responses: "I have an 8 year old daughter who has been ... son was 14 minutes late on curfew we used to ground himnever worked ...

14 Almost 15 Year Old Daughter. ( Dating )

And just a word of warning: Any 14 year old girl who looks 18 is being set up to ..... I'd let her go to an early movie with an early curfew - 7.00 movie, ...

Trouble Disciplining a 17 Year Old

I'd find out if he has curfew, what it is, and what their expectations are of ..... Something we did with our now 18 year old that was TOUGH but worked well ...

Seeking Advice for Out of Control 16 Year Old

If curfew is 11pm, maybe she earns 11:30pm for a night. ... Your father is responsible for her actions until she is 18 years old unless she is emancipated. ...

Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

Our son is now 13 and we have set the same phone curfew for him. .... I have an 18 year old who did the same thing when she was a tween. ...

Handling a 17 Year Old Son When He Refuses to Do Things

N.B. answers from Jamestown on July 22, 2008. I have a 21 year old daughter, am 18 year old son, and a 15 eyar old son. (plus a 2 yr. old girl) ...

16 Year Old Daughter - Moved Out

My ex also has remarried and for the past year, we have all been getting along. They have an 18 month old son that I adore and have taken care of him for ...
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