15 month old not eating

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15 Month Old Not Interested in Playing with Anything

Oct 8, 2009 ... I have a 15 month old little boy who just does not play with any toys, for instance we can be playing and there could be all types of toys ...

15 Month Old Has Bad Breath

I have noticed lately that my 15 month old daughter has bad breath. ... It's not her teeth it is her diet she needs to be eating fruits and veggies. ...

15 Month Old Does Not 2 of Her Front Bottom Teeth

15 Month Old Does Not 2 of Her Front Bottom Teeth. My daughter has not gotten 2 of her bottom teeth. I talked to my dentest and they said that there really ...

15 Month Old Toddler Who Is Not Walking Yet and Does Not Want to Go to Sleep

Should we be worried about our granddaughter who is 15 months old and not walking yet? Is it just late development or could there be other problems. ...

10 Month Old Twins Not Eating Solids

At 10mnth and not eating table food isn't bad. take a break from table food and try again ... 15 Month Old Baby Doesn't like to Eat, Requesting for Help ! ...

15 Month Old with Low Muscle Tone

15 Month Old with Low Muscle Tone. 2 weeks ago my son was evaluated by a P.T. because he's not walking yet. She determined that he had low muscle tone in ...

My 15 Month Old Wont Stop Puking, Any One Else Going Through This

My 15 Month Old Wont Stop Puking, Any One Else Going Through This ... He seems to be doing better today, still not eating alot but at least he is looking at ...

Please Advise...15 Month Old Throwing Food Non Stop!

Read all 20 responses: "Hello, My 15 month old son is an EXTREMELY picky eater ... I have not had problem with food throwing, but I have had problems with ... The food habits your son picks up now does effect his future eating habits. ...

15 Month Old Lost Weight Who's Almost Totally EBF

Read all 8 responses: "I took my little boy today for his 15 month checkup and he ... It sounds like maybe he is eating(nursing) on and off through the night still which may ... I wouldn't stress out over if it the dr. is not worried. ...

16 Month Old Not Talking at All

Read all 10 responses: "I have a 16 month old daughter who is not talking at all ... When she is done eating tell her done, down. ... I'm a home child care provider and my daycare kids are 20 months and 15 months and my own 18 month old ...
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  • never saw a neurologist in 2 answers "... and he started walking around 16 months of age, but he never saw a neurologist ..."
  • diagnose him with adhd in 2 answers "Please don't try to diagnose him with ADHD for normal behavior at this age."
  • let him go to town in 2 answers "He has chosen his toys....buy him some kid-size ones & let him go to town."
  • cerebral palsy in 2 answers "... led us to a neurologist that diagnosed our son with very mild cerebral palsy ..."
  • ot and pt in 3 answers "... much advice but I thought you'd like to know that someone knows about OT and PT ..."