14 weeks pregnant spotting

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Spotting Very Lightly.

I had my period about 2 1/2 weeks ago and now i started having some symptoms ... It sounds like you very likely could be pregnant The light spotting could ...

Spotting During Pregnancy

I am pregnant with my 3rd child. I have had trouble with spotting dark brown around 6-8 weeks of each pregnancy. I have had regular, great pregnancies after ...

6 Weeks and Wondering Why They Couldn't Locate Baby in 2Nd Vaginal U/s

With my last pregnancy I had much more than the light spotting I'm having .... At 8 weeks with this pregnancy, they did an ultrasound and you couldn't SEE ...

5 Weeks and Complications

When we were finally pregnant I spotted the whole first trimester and was on progesterone suppositories 2X's/day till 10 weeks. ...

Normal HCG Levels, No Heartbeat

... roller coaster the past few weeks. I had a positive test on November 8th, but I had been spotting for about a week. ... I have been on a pregnancy roller coaster the past few weeks. .... Should We See Something on Ultrasound? 14 ...

Periods/Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

About 3 weeks ago I experienced spotting for a few days that I took. ... I plan to retest on CD 36 or 37 if no period, as that will be 14 days past the last ...

I Have Terrible Cramps

So, if you start bleeding or spotting, I would recommend that you go to ... When I was about 7 weeks pregnant with my second child, I also had AWFUL cramps! ...

Subchoronic Hematomas?????

I am currently 7wks pregnant. I had some spotting last week and my obgyn sent me for ... I had one with my current pregnancy..it was diagnosed at 14 weeks. ...

Anyone Have LOW PROGESTERONE During/before Pregnancy?

My sister, now 14 weeks, had to also take progesterone for the first trimester. ... I had extremely low levels during my first pregnancy. I started spotting ...

Advice During Pregnancy

With my current pregnancy, I also had bleeding. I started spotting at 6 weeks and at 8 weeks I had lots. I ended up going to the ER because it was a weekend ...
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