14 weeks of pregnancy

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Fetal Heart Rate Low at 6 Weeks 4 Days, Any Hope??

Jul 20, 2009 ... It is possible to have 2 miscarriages and still have healthy pregnancies...I had 2 at 14 weeks before my oldest was born. ...

8 Weeks Prego and Don't Feel Prego!

My sister is actually 14 weeks pregnant right now and doing fine. ... Even the pregnancy books say that many women don't really feel pregnant until about ...

Loss of Pregnancy Symptoms, Could This Mean miscarriage...again?

L.C. answers from New York on August 14, 2008. With my first, I woke up one morning(around 8-10 weeks) with no pregnancy symptoms(and I was sick as a dog ...

When to Announce Your Pregnancy???

At 14 weeks that must've been so painful, yucky and hard. ... I also had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy at 6 weeks and that was devastating enough. ...

2Nd Time Pregnancy- Different from the First?

I am 4 lbs shy of my starting weight so I haven't actually gained any weight yet and I am almost 14 weeks. I have had the worst nausea especially when I am ...

2Nd Pregnancy and a Rather Large Belly already....normal?

S.D. answers from Topeka on May 14, 2008. My 1st baby I was in prego pant's before my 6 week check up with my dr. 2nd one as well,due to couldn't get my ...

Low Progesterone During Pregnancy

I took prometrium for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy (once a day) and did .... I think it's once you get to 10 or 14 weeks successfully, you're in the ...

Anyone Else Ever Had Pregnancy Induced Insomnia?

Read all 14 responses: "Just wondering if anyone has dealt w/ insomnia ... I have 7 more weeks of pregnancy and am hoping for some sleep suggestions or ...

Still Sick at 17 Weeks

I didn't know this my 1st pregnancy, ate fruits & sugar nonstop, and had to go for a 2nd round of .... cream milk · 14 weeks · weeks of pregnancy · 15 weeks ...

Advice on Changing My Ob Gyn Mid Pregnancy

Has anyone changed a doctor mid pregnancy? What should I consider? Any recommendations for a ..... I'm pregnant for the first time as well (14 weeks). ...
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