13 week old infant

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12 Weeks Old Doesn't Sleep "Much"during the Day

13, 6 and 3. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... Next question: 8 Week Old Infant Won't Sleep in Crib ...

Question About Bouncing an Infant

Read all 20 responses: "My sister was holding my 5-month old on her leg and ... 6 Mo Old Shaking Her Head · 13 ... health baby game · 12 week old infant ...

6 Week Old Constipated

does anyone have any advice on how to help a 6 week old poop im breastfeeding and i already tried .... Breastfed Infant Is Suffering from Constipation ...

Infant's Bones Crack - Normal?

Our 7 week old's joints crack when she moves them sometimes. ... Infant's Bones Crack - Normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Our 7 week old's joints crack when she moves them ... Question About 18Mo Baby and Back Cracking · 13 ...

Infant in Pool

I have an 8 week old son and was wandering at what age did you swim with your infant in the pool? I'm not really concerned about him being in the water but ...

6 Week Old Daughter Having a BM Once a Week

T.L. answers from Grand Rapids on July 13, 2008. I have an 11 week old daughter and we've had a similar ..... Seeking Advice Regarding Infant's Digestion ...

7 Week Old Baby

I had to go back to work when my baby was six weeks old. .... Infant and Sleep ... 13 Week Old Using Contented Baby Schedule- Any Suggestions ...

10 Week Old Daughter with Fluid in the Kidneys

I understand all too well how scary it can be to have to go through this with an infant. ... When he was a week old, we had to repeat the ultrasound. ... There will be 13 health professionals from around the country that will be at this ...

What Are Typical Schedules for 7 Week Old Babies?

J.S. answers from San Francisco on December 13, 2008. At 7 weeks old it sounds .... Here's the best resource I've found for infant/child sleep schedules and ...


Read all 4 responses: "My infant daughter was diagnosed at 3 days old with severe laryngomalacia in her left ... difficulty breathing · 13 week old infant ...
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