13 month old only has 2 teeth

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11 Months Old and No Teeth

My son is 12 months old and only has 2 teeth, he eats table food just fine (he refuses jarred baby food). .... "What Can I Feed My 13 Month Old?" ...

My 14 Month Old Son Has Not Gotten Any Teeth Yet.

Hi R., The only time I have seen a procedure is when my son had a blood blister on his gum. .... 15 Month Old Does Not 2 of Her Front Bottom Teeth ...

11 Month Old Takes 1 Nap, Needs 2!

Whenever he's been teething (he has six teeth, and only the bottom two ... I have a 13 month old that takes about an hour nap in the morning, and a 2-2 1/2 ...

13 Month Old Won't Eat Meat or Veggies Unless They're Baby Food

13 Month Old Wont Eat Meat or Veggies Unless Theyre Baby Food. My son has always been really weird about food textures He has 6 teeth but still prefers most ...

Wisdom Teeth Coming in at 13!

Read all 5 responses: "Hi Moms:) My 13 year old son has his wisdom teeth coming in prematurely. ... She's had them a month and we've had to make 2 extra trips to the ... perhaps you can arrange that he only has to wear it at night. ...

6 Month Old Only Sleeps 45 Minutes at a Time

I was always right, as a tooth appeared soon afterward:) Good ... As far as the night time waking goes, it has only been 2 nights so this might not be a pattern yet. ... Please Give Advice for 13 Mo. Old Early Waking and Very Cranky ...

2 Year Old Wanting to Brush Only Front Teeth

Z has already had a couple of cavities (the dentist said it's not dental .... Two of his molars were so badly gone the only solution was expensive crowns! .... Any Advice on Getting My 13 Month Old Daughter to Let Me Brush Her Teeth? ...

Teeth Grinding-10m Girl

I have a 10 1/2 month old girl who LOVES to grind her teeth. She has 4 of them, 2 upper and 2 lower and has been grinding them together since she got the 1 ...

13 Month Old with Sleep Problems

Sep 12, 2009 ... My 13 month baby girl used to be the best sleeper. Recently she has been waking up at about .... Next question: 9 Month Old Waking Every Two Hours at Night! ...

Feeding Schedule for an 11 Month Old

My son is nine months old but he only has two teeth so we had to give him stage ..... A.B. answers from Reading on August 13, 2008. My 9 month old is a very ...
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