13 month old biting

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2 1/2 Year Old Biting 15 Month Sister

Ever since my 15 month old girl started a little biting phase which she has already begun to grow out of, my 2 1/2 year old boy is now trying to be like..."

HELP: 10 Month Old Biting During Nursing

L.J. answers from Chicago on May 13, 2007. My daughter started doing the same thing at around .... 6 Month Old with First Tooth Biting While Breastfeeding ...

8 Month Old Biting Baby Bottle Nipples

8 Month Old Biting Baby Bottle Nipples. Hi i was wondering if anyone has any ideas .... I was 13 and went to a friend's family Thanksgiving w/ 30-40 guests. ...

How Would I Wean My 7 Month Old from Breastfeeding??

You do not have to put up with biting Even at 7 mos he can learn not to do that You just sayNo biting .... Breastfeeding Advice Needed for My 9 Month Old ...

Breastfeeding an 11 Month Old

Hi I breastfed my son until he was 13 12 months old and he had almost all of his teeth when I .... 6 Month Old with First Tooth Biting While Breastfeeding ...

13 Month Old Refusing Solid Food

Read all 7 responses: "My son is almost 13 months old. ... allow for the cereal and crackers until your child has had at least a couple bites of other foods ...

Iron Supplements for 13-Month-old??

Oct 11, 2009 ... We recently found out my 13-month-old has pretty low iron levels and our ped ... spinach bites), she was fine 6 months later at her check. ...

13 Month Old with Sleep Problems

Sep 12, 2009 ... 13 Month Old with Sleep Problems. My 13 month baby girl used to be the best sleeper Recently she has been waking up at about 1 to 130 a.m. ...

My 13 Month Old Is Picky, picky...picky!

So try offering food first then a bottle. And I think a bottle is perfectly appropriate for a 13 month old. Dr. Sears suggests leaving bite size healthy ...

13-Month-old Throwing Food and Not eating--HELP!

Read all 10 responses: "My little girl will be 13-months-old in a few days. ... You may have to sneak in a bite of the veggies, and qikcly sneak in the ...
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