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My 13 Month Old Still Doesn't Sleep Through the Night.

Read all 5 responses: "I am trying to break my 13 month old from sleeping with a milk bottle. He cries all night until I give him a bottle of milk.

13 Month Old Refusing Solid Food

Read all 7 responses: "My son is almost 13 months old. He loves cereal and cereal bars and crackers. Anything else that is solid, he completely rejects.

What Do I Feed My 13 Month Old After Throwing up in the Middle of the Night?

Read all 13 responses: "We went to get my daughter this morning and she had throw up all over her and her bed. I feel horrible for her!

My 13 Month Old Won't Drink Whole Milk.

Read all 16 responses: "Help! My 13 month will not take whole milk from bottle or sippy cup. In general, she isn't a big drinker.

13 Month Old Stopped Eating! Too Much Milk???

Read all 25 responses: "Hello, I have a very hyper 13 month old boy. He has always been an amazing eater!! He ate almost everything we put in front of him.

Meal Plan for 13 Month Old

Read all 5 responses: "My son is 13 months old, I'm not sure what to feed him besides diced apples, mandarin oranges, turkey rollups, and carrots!

13 Month Old and Response to His Name

Read all 14 responses: "I know of recent studies that suggest that a child not responding to his name at 12 months old has been a marker for late Autism, ...

My 13 Month Old Will Not Sleep!!!

Read all 13 responses: "My son is almost 14 months old and still wakes up every hour all night long. My husband and I both work and we are dying of sleep ...

Help! 13-Month Old Throwing Tantrums

Jul 23, 2009 ... Read all 19 responses: "Hello Everyone, I need your help, comments, similar stories - whatever you've got. My 13-month old son has just ...

13 Month Old Won't Eat Anything

Read all 15 responses: "My son won't eat anything. He doesn't like anything except yogurt and goldfish, but he isn't really eating them anymore.
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  • wouldnt drink whole milk in 2 answers "... in a day care and we had a couple of toddlers that wouldn't drink whole milk."
  • between growth spurts in 2 answers "And some kids stop eating when they are between growth spurts."
  • waking up every hour in 2 answers "I was telling the pediatrician about my son waking up every hour to nurse and he didn't ..."
  • hell eat when hes in 2 answers "No child is going to go hungry. He'll eat when he's hungry, don't sweat it."
  • consult your pediatrician in 2 answers "If your concerns persist you may consult your pediatrician just to bring you peace ..."