11 month old with no teeth

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Feeding 11-Mo-old with No Teeth

Feeding 11-Mo-old with No Teeth. Hi. My 11-mo-old has recently decided she ... Next question: 7.5 Month Old Not into Solids, at all....should I Be Worried? ...

11 Month Old Who Started Grinding Her (3) Teeth

My son did this when he got his first 4 teeth. It only lasted a couple weeks. Now he's 11 months old with 8 teeth and no more grinding. ...

Meal Ideas for an 11 Month Old

Meal Ideas for an 11 Month Old. Hi. I have a picky eater so I was .... My daughter is 9 months old and no teeth yet, worjing on the first 2 on the bottom. ...

13 Month Old Only Has 2 Teeth!!!

My 9 month old has had 6 teeth for about 2 months (maybe 3) now and no signs of others coming in. ... I hear your concern...my 22 month old has his front 4 teeth, 1 bottom front tooth ( and 1 mis-shaped ... 11 months old · 12 months old ...


Then at 11 months old she got 8 teeth in at the same time! ... My daughter is 9 months (7 adjusted for prematurity) and has no teeth! ...

My 11 Month Old Has Yellow Spots on Her New Teeth!

Read all 19 responses: "last week, while tickling my 11 month old baby girl, ... His permanent teeth are fine- no spots. Just something for you to consider. ...

Celebrated Her First B-day on Sunday and Still No Teeth

My 9-month old has just 2 teeth, and no others on the horizon. This is much later than my son. My doctor, whom I trust very much, says this is totally ...

My 11 Month Old Is Grinding Her Teeth

My 11 Month Old Is Grinding Her Teeth. My daughter just recently got one of her top teeth in and has since been grinding it agianst her bottom teeth. ...

Feeding Schedule for an 11 Month Old

I am looking for advice on what and how much to feed my 11 month old. ...... My first daughter had NO teeth at 11 months, but was on table food at that age. ...

11 Month Old Refusing to Eat

11 Month Old Refusing to Eat. My son has recently decided that he will not eat baby .... 9 Month Bf-ing Baby with No-teeth- What Table Food Can She Eat? ...
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