102.9 fever

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2 1/2 Year Old with 102.9 Fever, Not Eating, No Other Symptoms

K.G. asks from Chicago

My almost 3 year old has a fever of 102.9. She is also not eating (which is not normal for her). No runny nose, no other symptoms, just a fever. I got her to drink...


Teething and Fever

M.P. asks from Charlotte

Hello all, I am concerned about my 10 month old son. He has 4 teeth already and now two more are coming in. We never had any teething problems until about 2 days a...


Reocurring Fever

J.F. asks from South Bend

My daughter is 19 months old and has gotten a fever over 102 three different times since she was born, with no obvious symptoms. I'm wondering if anyone else has had...


Seizures Due to to High Fever

H.S. asks from Cincinnati

My 3yo daughter had a fever last evening, the highest I saw it was 102.9. Knowing that a fever is the bodys way of fighting something, I decided not to give her any m...


3 Y/o with 105.0 Fever......how High Is TOO High?? I

M.Q. asks from Los Angeles

High fevers don't scare me, but this one is scaring me.I usually don't bring fevers down unless my child is very uncomfortable b/c I know it's the body's way of stopp...


Mysterious Fever and No Other Symptoms

L.K. asks from Asheville

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been a little sluggish today, but nothing out of the ordinary. After she took her routine nap, she woke up and felt a little warm. Once...


3Rd Day of High Fever 104

H.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi, fellow parents: My soon-to-be 5 y.o. spiked a fever starting Saturday around 6pm - 102.7. No other symptoms. We did the stuff we're supposed to do to cool him ...


Has Your Child Ever Had a Severe Headache Followed with a Fever but No Other Sym

S.M. asks from Dallas

My 9 yr. Old came home from school with a headache he mentioned it twice and that was it (no big deal I thought)now this morning he wakes pup with fever 101.5 and is ...


How Long Before Calling Dr. - Fever on 1 Yr Old

A.C. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter has had a fever the 2nd day now. the temp is around 101.5. I'm waiting for my ped. office to open. How long do you normally wait until you take the bab...


5 Years Old and Bladder Infection? Please, Share Your Experience

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

My child is running a fever of 102.9 since yesterday. she got what we thought two seizures, we took her to the ER, they said it was only aluzinations due to fever and...

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