100.3 fever

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Baby Thermometers and Checking for Fever?

A baby or young child woul have a temp. if it was 100.3 or higher. ... Some kids can have a 103 fever and act perfectly fine and some can have a normal ...

Low-grade Fever

My 3yr old son has had a low fever since yesterday morning, like 99.8. Yesterday evening it got a little higher, 100.3. Today the same thing all day and..."

2 1/2 Year Old Boy with UTI?

He has a low grade fever- 100.3 under his armpit. He has been very weepy, tired and whiney. He says his tummy hurts, and his throat, but he often says that ...

Stomach Flu and Pregnant?

I dont think it will affect the baby due to its not a high fever. .... flu and cold · drink water · probiotics · 100.3 fever · mortgage protection insurance ...

Looking for a Reliable Infant Thermometer

has never had a fever, although sometimes his head feels really hot to me..." ... For example, if the reading is 99.3 it's actually 100.3. The one I have ...

Is My 3 Month Old Teething?

He's been running a fever ever since. 100.3 is as high as it ever got. I took him back to the Dr yesterday to let her recheck his ears and she said that ...

Pulling at Ears

I've been holding off since he hasn't had a fever higher than 100.3. The highest it has gone is 98.3 Axillary (which is 99.3). I'm curious if anyone else ...

My Daughter Has Symptoms That Don't Make Sense!

JUST STARTED RECENTLY: *waking up all hot and sweaty even when its cold. *tiny fever, not that bad, constantly. From about 100.3F to 100.9F. ...

Fevers in Toddler

I had lots of fevers as a child, and tend to spike a fever much more ... For instance, if her armpit temperature is 100.3, it's actually about 101.3). ...

Best Type of Thermometer?

Oct 2, 2009 ... The three temps always come out within a tenth of a readingex 100.3 100.5 100.2 I takes a ... Baby Thermometers and Checking for Fever ...
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