10 month old with a cough

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16 Month Old with Cough and Congestion Every Night

hello, My 16 month old son does not sleep well at night, he wakes up about every half an hour because he is coughing, and gets really congested, ...

20 Month Old Won't Stop Coughing

Perhaps he is coughing b/c of dry air due to the heater. I have to keep one in my room and my 22 month old's room. About me: 3 boys- 8,5,and 22 months ...

10 Month Old Sick

10 Month Old Sick. My ten month old daughter has a cough, runny nose and very low grade fever 99-100. ..... 10 Months Old - Cough at Night ...

2 Year Old with a Cough

He has had a cough for about 2 months. It started with a cold then the..." ... chronic cough pregnancy · cough medicine for 10 month old ...

What causes my 18 months old to cough without a cold?

My 18 month old has just developed a "rattly" cough but has no other symptoms. ... of asthma. my daughter was diagnosed with asthma at 10 months (though it ...

20 Month Old with a 3-4 Week Cough

Read all 4 responses: "Hi Moms, My son has had a "wet" cough for about 3-4 weeks now and it's driving me nuts that it's not going ... 10 Month Old Coughing. ...

Soothing a Cough

S., my 10 year old has developed a nasty, non-productive cough. ... I give it to my seven month old boy for a cough whenever he started hacking away. ...

My 5 Month Old Is Coughing and Grunting with No Other Signs of Sickness.

My 5 month old has been talking up a storm but recently started coughing. .... Sit in there with him, (he will probably resist) for at least 10 to 15 min. ...

4 Year Old with Terminal Cough!

Read all 10 responses: "Hi Moms! I have a wonderful 4 year old who is extremely healthy (never ... children s cough remedy · cough medicine for 10 month old ...

What to Do About Cough in 15 Month Old???

Our daughter is 14 months old, and we seem to live with persistent coughing all the time - she's a "daycare baby" and seems to pick up every germ that comes ...
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