10 month old and tantrums

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9 Month Old Throwing Tantrums

J.C. asks from Houston

Im not sure if this is normal but sometimes when my 9 month old son does not get what he wants(certain things like his dads xbox, foods that we are eating that he can...


My 14 Month Old Is Throwing Horrible Tantrums?

E.R. asks from Fresno

My 14 month old son is throwing horrible tantrums. In public he digs his fingernails into my skin. If one does not go the way he wants it to? He will slam his head ...


15Mo Old Tantrums

L.L. asks from Yuba City

I am a first time mom to a beautiful precious Girl. She is 15mo old, and has recently started thest temper tantrums. It does not matter what it is she is not getting,...


10 Month Old with a Temper

A.P. asks from Boston

Hi! I have a 10 month old son who seems to me to be getting very spoiled. My first question is that possible at 10 months? Second how do you deal with it? It seems li...


1Yr Old Throwing Tantrums

A.K. asks from Fort Wayne

Hello all! My son is 14 months old. He's been throwing the most uncharacteristic tantrums the past few weeks or so. When we took him to the doctor for his one ye...


10 Month Old Crying and Screaming Behavior

S.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi, I've read the responses to someone else's previous request on a 10.5 month old crying and screaming. They were great and helpful to me! But I want to get a litt...


10 Month old.......tantrums

V.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I need some advise/suggestions. One of my girls has now picked up the bad habbit of throwing a tantrum when she wants to be picked up from her high chair. Sh...


12 Month Old Boy Having Temper Tantrums???

K.Y. asks from Chicago

Hi Mommys! Hopfully your good ideas can help me. My 12 mo. old son has been a really easy baby to take care of since the start. Sleeping through the night, eating wel...


Croup with Temper Tantrums.....!

R.D. asks from St. Louis

My 18 mo. old son has Croup. Along with this he is throwing tamper tantrums. I've never dealt with either before and I don't know how to get him calmed down. He th...


Help!! Is It Normal for a 5 Month Old to Throw Tantrums??

S.C. asks from Lawton

I have a beautiful- now five month old daughter. She is the light of my life. Ok- let's be real. Except when she throws fits. :) I am struggling with nap time. She us...

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