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9-Month Old Baby down to 1 Nap a Day?

A.L. asks from San Francisco

I have a 9 month old baby boy and for a week now, he has been napping once a day. He used to nap 2x a day for 1-2 1/2 hours. We have been trying to make him take the ...


1 Mo. Old Sleeping

W.C. asks from Louisville

How can i get my 1 mo old to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time at night?


My 1 Year and 9 Month Old Son Still Doesn't Talk

T.R. asks from Los Angeles

is it ok if my 1 year and 9 month old son still doesn't talk? he walked when he was 14 months old, i'm guessing his speech is also delayed. he only babbles and doesn'...


1 Year Old with Toothbrush

L.C. asks from St. Louis

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a 1 year old comfortable with a toothbrush? Mine just closes her mouth or pushes it out with her tongue.


1 Month Old Not Making Good Eye Contact

J.G. asks from Los Angeles

My son just turned 1 month old and is not yet following things with his eyes or making sustained eye contact. I am in a panic that something could be seriously wrong ...


Insurance for a 1 Year Old?

A.J. asks from Shreveport

Hey Mamas~ I was just wondering, do you carry your baby on your dental or vision insurance? My baby is only 9 months old now (turning 1 in March 2012), and the ne...


9 Month Old Baby

T.S. asks from Boston

Hi there I have a 9 month old baby girl. that up to speed with everything. but there are two thing that I am not sure about. The 1st is that she's not holding her own...


Facial Rash ( 1 Mo Old Baby Girl )

M.H. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I would like to get some help from you (experienced Moms) about my 1 mo old baby girl. I'm Breasfeeding & giving her some formula and I've noticed that withi...


1 Year Old Pics

L.F. asks from Dallas

Hello ~ my little guy will be turning 1 soon. I can't believe it. I'd love to get his picture taken at a great place that's not too expensive. I'm open to any where i...


Your 1 Year Old and Their Habits

B.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms!! So my baby just turned 1. We had his 1 year check up yesterday. We haven't had an appointment since we moved, so this was a new office and a new doctor....

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