3 year old birthday party

fanged bunny asks from Kew Gardens, NY
8 answers

Looking ahead for three year old birthday party ideas. We’d need an indoor location because he is a winter baby. Something that would appeal to the little ones and the older siblings. We had a carousel for his first and a local environmental center for his second.

I know and understand that he would be happy to have cupcakes in the classroom. This is really about us as much as it is about him. Won’t host at home. Parking is too big a challenge, space is at a premium and once you factor in food, decor, prep and clean up I would sooner have it elsewhere.

Thanks much
Fanged bunny

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8 Answers


answers from Red River on

Hmmm. Parties we went to when our kids were three included swimming pool, indoor play center, children's museum, tour of fire department, gymnastics place, pony rides, trampoline place (in the younger kids section), and small aquarium.

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Ebird's mom

answers from Los Angeles on

Indoor kids’ gyms like Gymboree, My Gym, or Little Gym. Or other indoor play places like Pump It Up. Not sure if you have these in your area.

Also, you can use Yelp to find local children’s gymnastics/parkour/indoor play places.

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answers from Santa Monica on

Indoor pool....have it early during the summer or Fall before it gets cold.
Bowling alley
Bounce place with trampolines
Chuck E. Cheese (it's his birthday, not the older siblings. They should just go
along for the ride & deal w/their boredom since it's about him not them.)
Indoor soccer place

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Margie G.

answers from Portland on

Local science museum (this was very fun)
pool party (easy if parents are willing to go in also)
museums of any kind (often have parties)
art galleries (often have parties)
art studios (same idea) even have splatter type parties for older kids (can go in separate room)
indoor playground type place (might be easiest)

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Doris Day ..

answers from Miami on

What about the local YMCA?

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TF Plano/Allen

answers from Plano on

Gees.... he is 3 already? Just seems like you were pregnant yesterday.

Happy Birthday!!

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answers from Chesapeake on

Chuck E Cheese worked well for us.


MilitaryMom 6.

answers from Woodbridge on

What about a local children's or science museum. My kids always loved those kind of birthday parties :)

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